Saturday, November 19, 2011


James turned 27 on Monday! I asked him what he thought about the big 2-7. He told me he thought he would have accomplished alot more by the time he was 27. I told him he has. So far....he graduated college, has two steady jobs, started his own non-profit organization, has a house, two kids, and a smoooookin' hot wife;) I love his ambition and the choice he made to have us in his life.

James has been out of town the last few weekends. We miss him. Today Koby said, "Mom, do you know who my favorite person is?" I started to guess. He says, "It's my Daddy!"


Aaron and Devon said...

Love that Koby said that James is his favorite person. That had to just make his day!

rjd said...

Smoook'n Hot Wife.....hahahaha I love it. Yes James has accomplished alot and we are very proud of him. What a cute Family!

The Munions said...

That's so sweet - sorry this is belated but tell James Happy Birthday!