Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Conversations with a 2 year old...

Koby: "Hey mom, you know how much I love you?"
Me: "How much?"
Koby: "Uh...Five years and a week ago."

Me: "Hey Koby I'm going to cut your hair today."
Koby: "OK, but don't cut my tail off."
Me: "You have a tail?"
Koby: "Ya, like the Cat in the Hat."
James: "Really, what does you tail do?"
Koby: "It has a gun."
James: "A gun?  What does it shoot out?"
Koby: "It shoots pirate hats.  Catch one Daddy!"

Koby: "Are Lisa and Dave getting married in the temple Mom?"
Me: "Yes."
Koby: "Did you get married in the temple?"
Me: "Yes, I married daddy."
Koby: "I'm gonna marry Emily in the temple."

Me: "What are you doing Koby?"
Koby: "I'm just fishing mom."
"Oh yeah! I got a fish!"
(pretends to eat it) "Mmmm. It's yummy! It tastes like a sandwich. "I'll catch one for you mom."
Me: "Oh good."
Koby: "I caught you a shark mom! Eat it. It tastes just like a burrito!"
Me: "Thank you, it tastes good."
Koby: "Now it will go into my tummy and then into my 'intestins' and then it can go into the toilet now mom."

Koby: "There's a baby in my tummy cooking food mom."
Me: "What's your baby's name?"
Koby: "Charlie....The doctors gonna get Charlie out of my tummy."
Me: Oh yeah, then what?"
Koby: "Then he puts my tummy back on. Then he goes back to the doctor place and he puts all of the babies in my tummy. I wanna eat some babies mom."

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Brittany said...

LOL. He's so funny!