Thursday, November 17, 2011

Things that I love

Life changes so quickly. These are just some of the things I never want to forget.

I love when Lincoln wakes up and I lift him out of his crib, he wraps his arms around my neck and gives me a big hug!
I love when Koby asks,"Are we going to have Family Night tonight Mom?"
I love when Lincoln is tired, he looks at me with the sweetest eyes and then buries his face in my neck.
I love when I walk by Koby's door during nap time, the toys I forgot to take out (so he actually takes a nap) are shoved through the crack under the door.
I love when I go into his room in the morning and see the 20 cars on his mattress and wonder how he slept comfortably on them all night long.
I love when Lincoln gets so excited to take a bath, his arms and legs start moving a mile a minute in a crazy man way.
I love when Koby says,"You know how much I love you Mom?"
I love how Lincoln's eyes disappear when he smiles at me and he gets a bashful look.
I love Koby's random thoughts he shares with me.
I love that whenever we read books with food in them Koby has to pinch at the food and we have to pretend to eat it.
I love that Lincoln just lays in my arms and plays with my hair.
I love when Koby asks, "You gonna play with me mom?"
I love that Lincoln gets so excited when Koby wakes up and comes into the room :)

I hope I remember these sweet moments, instead of the poo I had to scrub off of Lincoln's bum, Koby's hand and shirt, my jeans, and the floor yesterday afternoon.

Oh and I LOVE the random, "I love you"  texts James sends me all day!


rjd said...

Ahhhh tugs at my heart.

Rachel DeFreese said...

Oh, too sweet. Little boys aren't so bad!