Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Perfect Thanksgiving

On Monday my cousin Jason, Laura, and their two kids came over to make Marzipan cornucopias with us and the Finch's. We did this when we were younger and Em had the idea to do it this year. She did all of the prep work too-(Thanks Em!) Although a little crispy, the cornucopias turned out awesome. Emily made a perfect loaf of bread. The men decided to be strangely inventive with theirs- Jas made a fruitcake, James made a pizza and sandwich, and Shane made a turkey. It's was a fun Family Night. We are so excited Jason and Laura live just over the hill from us.

Check out Shane and Emily's awesome Minion cupcakes.
Emily's perfect creation.
We had many offers to join others for Thanksgiving this year and are very grateful for those offers. However, we decided to do it on our own this year. It turned out to be perfect:)

It just so happened that Koby and Lincoln were in need of a nap just before the cooking was done. So, James and I enjoyed a Thanksgiving date during nap time! It was the first really relaxing Thanksgiving in a while. We enjoyed some delicious food, shared adult conversation, cleaned up, watched some football, and napped together on the couch- all while the little munchkins napped.

Our meal was healthy and delicious: cauliflower mashed potatoes, seasoned chicken, fresh green beans, and raspberry vinaigrette spinach salad. It was our first time cooking a whole bird, and my first time cooking pies by myself. It was a success! I think James and I ate an entire sweet potato pie and a banana cream pie by ourselves in like 3 days.

It was a Happy Thanksgiving. Bring on the exercise this week:)


We finished the night with some Christmas tunes and decorations! Since we always travel, we have never had a real Christmas tree at our house. This year, we got a steal of a deal, just 30 bucks, on a pre-lit Christmas tree. This will be our first Christmas with a tree taller than 18 inches. Yay! A tree really ushers in the Christmas spirit.

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Malerie said...

We did our own Thanksgiving, too this year. Does that make us adults?! :) ours was great, too. Nothing like having your little family together with yummy food in a warm home. Miss you guys!