Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do I need to say anything?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Little Moments

Every now and then between all the dirty diapers, temper tantrums, hitting, timouts, spilled drinks, flying food, and being offered ketchup-dipped bananas, there are moments that remind us why we are so blessed to be parents and have Koby in our lives.  Today we had a few of those moments.

Moment #1:
Sitting in church today, Koby was enjoying some marshmallows while sitting on Megan's lap. He started praying in a loud voice, "Heavly Fadder, thank you day, thank you food, thank you marshmallows, AMEN!"  I guess he was just grateful for those marshmallows and had to let Heavenly Father know right then.

Moment #2:
Before dinner we were watching a church DVD and the menu was left on the TV with a large picture of Jesus... While eating dinner Koby turns towards the TV and says, "Toast Jesus, Here go, its good, yummy."

Moment #3:
Also during dinner, he said, "I want juice!" I held his juice and said, "what do you say?" Koby then gets a whiny face and says again that he wants juice. I say "Koby you say please". Then he looks at us with a FAKE pouty face and says, "Koby cry Waa, Waa!" Ha, manipulation from a one year old taught to him by none other than his mom. Sometimes if he won't give Megan a kiss she'll say, "Koby, mommy wants a kiss, I'm gonna cry...  Waa, Waa!" I guess we know that he is a little sponge sucking up all the things we teach him, intentional or not.

Moment #4 (not proud of this one, but it made me smile):
Koby dropped his colored pencils today and said, "Aw crap!"  Megan doesn't say that stuff, so I guess I will have to watch my language around him, oops.

He just started using "I" and "too" this week. The other day he saw a soccer game and said "I play soccer too."

Our little boy is a growin' fast, but all this stuff makes me glad that I'm a dad.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Family Night(s)

Monday night we took Koby to Mabey's Pumpkin Patch in South Jordan to pick his very own pumpkin. Of course he picks the smallest, ugliest one. Luckily he isn't old enough to notice we switched it. 
Last night, we turned on Nightmare Before Christmas, colored pumpkins(easier to do with Koby than carving), and made Hot Fudge Sunday's with non other than Grandma Nebeker's amazing fudge! It was so much fun and Koby was in heaven.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

James is going to kill me...

...when he sees this post. James tried making me promise with the second one we'd wait a while. He thought it would be funny if we waited until people started to be uncomfortable and wonder in their mind, "Is she pregnant?" Well I am uncomfortable and since half the world knows...We are pregnant. Koby is in need of a friend so we decided it was time. Hopefully we will be out of a basement apartment before the next one comes:)

With Koby I didn't really show until about week 14 or so. With this one I'm already in that awkward stage...

It is 3:45 in the morning. I have been up for about two hours. It started with the third bathroom trip for the night and it hopefully will end if I ever fall asleep again. I do not remember EVER feeling this horrible with Koby. James had to stay home from work once last week to take care of Koby for me. Luckily the kid is obsessed with the movie Cars. It gives me about a 30 minute window to sit.

Week 4

Week 7

After church. Koby asks to go to nursery pretty much every day.

This is what he looks like when he watches...
...this movie.