Sunday, December 28, 2014

Summer in Utah

Alright, I am finally getting caught up on our blog.

These next few posts will probably be lame and mostly just pictures, but here it goes...

Kai at the splash pad with Grandma Takako
Linc and Uncle Sean
Splash pad fun


Koby pretending his guy is skiing. 

Kai and I laid at the splash pad watching James and the boys play football.

For the fourth of July we went to our dear friends' house, Kristine and Logan Turner who lived right across the street. We lit off fireworks and ate some smoked turkey.


Kai at six weeks old.

The boys love having a baby brother.

We have three boys and a pink Bumbo.

This only lasted five minutes. 
Saying good bye to Aunt Emily! We were so sad to leave Em in Utah.

We sure loved our friends and neighbors in Utah, but were excited to head to Los Angeles for our new adventures.