Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy 24th James!

Last Friday James turned 24!! Rachel, Lisa, James, and I went to Sushi Ya . . . James' FAVORITE restaurant. It is all you can eat of course. Don't worry no mercury for me, I ate chicken. Lisa is allergic to shellfish and apparently they cooked her food with some... her tongue swelled up and made her talk funny- it was so funny, but we all felt bad for her. Once her tongue would shrink down again she would have another bite. haha... The price paid for good food.

After dinner we went home and had some friends cram into our little place for dessert. I made James' favorite - my mom's cookie dough brownies and ice cream, yum!

I think his best present was his sock monkey calendar from my parents. hahaha. My mom has an amazing memory. Somehow she knew James liked sock monkeys - I didn't even know that! I'm making him take it to his desk at work so he can enjoy it everyday!

Pregnancy update:

This Thursday marks 31 weeks! It is crazy to think James was born at 29 weeks... That means if I was his mom I would have a baby right now! Crazy.

James and I love to feel his kicks and punches. I didn't realize how uncomfortable pregnancy would be, but I haven't been sick at all so I shouldn't complain! I think he is doing somersaults, flips, barrell rolls, and whatever else he can think of... he is active!

This picture is from last week... on the 30 week mark. Beastly I know!