Monday, January 31, 2011

I saw this today and it made me smile...

I am generally not a touchy feely kind of guy, but today I saw something that made me smile...  Today I went into work a couple hours early today so I could come home and take Megan and Koby to Koby's 2-year old check-up.  Everything went really well.  He only had to get one shot, and he didn't even cry.  He just watched the nurse while she poked him with the syringe and said, "what's that?" 

Koby is growing.  He is up from the 10th percentile for height to the 25th, and his head is down from the 95th to the 92nd.  So I guess he is getting more proportionate, but he is still a little shrimpy with a bigger than average noggin. 

Anyway, as we were leaving I saw this picture on the wall with the caption below:

Even Superman needs a dad
Although I would never wear shorts that short or socks that high, I could picture myself as the dad in that picture.  I am sure like most new parents, I think that my kid is the most wonderful thing in the world.  He is funny, smart, energetic, playful, and pretty dang cute too (something I am sure he got from Megan)...  I don't think he has any imperfections.  He is like Superman to me.  But is it possible for Superman to look up to someone with so many imperfections, someone who is anything but Superman?  I know how much I looked up to my dad when I was younger, and how much I still look up to him (not to say that you are imperfect Dad), so I guess it is.  I know how much I have needed my dad, and he has always been there for me no matter what.  I wonder if Koby will ever look up to me like that in spite of my imperfections?  I hope so.  But either way, I will do my best to always be there and be the best dad to my Superman that I can.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


We decided to take advantage, one last time, of free flights for one year olds...That's right our little baby turns 2 this week! Koby and I headed to Washington a couple weeks ago for some fun with the family.

We had a lot of fun visiting with my sister and brother and their families. Koby loved seeing his cousins and especially spending a week with his grandma and grandpa! This picture says it all...

My mom took us girls and the grandsons to the Everett Children's Museum while we were there. It was so much cooler than the one here in Salt Lake! They had an airplane, construction zone, theater room, restaurant, veterinarian office, tree fort, skating room, fire truck playground, water room, farm area(with a cow the kids could milk - water came out), glow-in-the-dark dancing room, huge train area, etc. and we didn't even make it to the other things. There is a playground/dinosaur thing on the roof too, but the rain kept us from that. It was definitely a highlight for our trip!
It was a quick trip, but a good one. I only wish we lived closer because we missed James! :)

Since we have been back Koby and I have been sick, but my energy level has gone way up. I'm getting into that nesting mode already. There isn't a dish in the sink or a cloth in the laundry. It's weird, but I am enjoying dishes. I also made the little guy in my belly a cute blanket for his crib. Next week I will make a twin size blanket for Koby's bed too(that we still need to purchase and switch him into). We've narrowed it down to two names for this little guy and at 22 weeks that's not bad. Now we will just have pick one:)

The weekend before we left James had an LHI event in Michigan! And then he had a LHI event in Salt Lake the Saturday we got back. I have been feeling like a single mom for a good 3 weeks. Needless to say I am excited for this weekend - the first one as a family in a while!

James is also tearing it up on the church basketball court this month - Koby and I love to watch. You can usually see a little fist punching the air saying, "Go daddy go!", "Nice defense!", or "Go Colts!" James has trained Koby well. Koby has these little football helmets with the NFL logos on them that were James' as a kid. Koby brought me a helmet the other day and said "Panthers". And he was correct! And at least once a day will run over to me and say, "I wanna watch a football game Mommy." We are pretty excited for one of his birthday presents which is a football helmet. Now he can quit pretending his bike helmet is a football helmet.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My thoughts on being a dad... again

On Megan's last post she promised some ultrasound pictures, so here they are. We have about 20 more, but I don't think anyone is interested in seeing a foot shot or an arm shot. So here is a man part shot, a good profile shot, and the best 3D shot that we got.

When Megan was pregnant with Koby, I didn't really come to the realization that we were having a baby until we could call it a him and start thinking about names and what not. I think it has been the same with this one, because I think it finally hit me. We are going to has kids... until now we only had a kid. From here on out no matter how many we have, we are going to have kids. There's no going back. We will no longer out number them. We can't double team one kid without worrying about the other. I have to worry about another mouth to feed. Another person to add to our health insurance. Another kids college to fund... Holy crap, what did we get ourselves into? On Friday when we found out we were having a boy, I wasn't too sure.

Yesterday after I got home from work, I opened our front door and Koby was standing there and smiled and said, "Daddy's home!" He ran up to me and gave me a big hug. We wrestled around for a bit and then went into his room and got his football. We took turns running around trying to avoid the other from tackling us. I had a blast. I think it was then that I realized how excited I am to have another boy running around. Another boy to smile and say "Daddy's home!" Another boy to wrestle and play football with, and maybe we can even get Megan involved. Needless to say I am excited for this next little guy to come and for whatever the future holds for us.

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a...

Healthy, perfect, little BOY!

Yay!! I was secretly hoping for a little boy! He and Koby will be buddies:)

The ultrasound was really cool. I highly recommend Legacy OB to anyone in Utah. They had a large flat screen up in front for my viewing pleasure, they gave us a DVD and a ton of pictures, WARM gel, AND she did a 3-D ultrasound too! With Koby's ultrasound James could see that it was a boy before the DR. said anything, but unfortunately the screen was behind my head so I did not get to witness much. With this little guy I was able to point out what he was right away. It was really fun. On the way to the doctors Koby kept saying, "We goin to the doctors"...."To see mommy's baby in the tummy." Koby kept looking at the TV and saying "hi baby!" and at one point when the nurse said he should move his hand Kob said "move your hand baby".

I'll have to scan pictures later...

Needless to say it was funny telling my family. Everyone figured someone had to break the all boy grandkid cycle soon. Six little boys, how fun!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

What's it gonna be?

So, we are finding out whether we are having a boy or girl tomorrow. Needless to say we are pretty excited. For some reason I am feeling like we are having a girl, but Megan says she has no idea. Anyway, does anyone else have any guesses? You can vote over there on the right side of this blog. We will update you all soon!

Monday, January 3, 2011

An eventful December

The last few weeks of family and parties have been so fun, but it had to end sometime. We are now back to regular life again.

What happened this December?

- We've started to feel the baby moving around a lot in the last 3 weeks
- James and Koby both made their first snowman ever
- We had our 17 Sunday School kids (age 16) over to our little apartment for a Christmas party
- We Got switched to a new Sunday School class - We now teach sixteen 13 year olds-AAH
- We headed to California to celebrate Christmas with the Huntington side
- We checked out Christmas lights on a carriage ride
- Koby learned that he loves Christmas and opening presents
- We learned a child will love $1 toys more than $30 dollar toys
- We celebrated Takako's birthday
- My family came to UT for a visit
- Had a family shower for Rach and baby Charlie
- Koby and I went snowshoeing for the first time with the family - Thanks Shane!

and best of all James and I celebrated four years of marriage! I'm not a mushy person, but I will say I looove James. In four years we have experienced more than I could have ever imagined, but everything always turns out because we have each other:)

Even though December is over, we still have a fun couple of weeks ahead. Rach and Sean are still here for a week! And next week Koby and I take advantage of his last chance to fly free- Washington here we come! ALSO, we find out the sex of the baby this week!

Dad and Sean helped the pregnant women get dressed:)

It was too easy for mountain man Shane so we added 24 lbs to his back

Sean, Rach, Mom, Dad, Em, Meg

Their first snowman ever:)
The Huntington family

Cleaning out James' childhood boxes...we found this lovely treasure

Karen, Koby, James, Gma Takako

30 second wise man
Opening stockings

Christmas morning at Gma and Gpa Huntington's

Christmas building project for the boys - I think adults play with the toys more than the kids

Sean and James modeling a present from their in-laws

We miss our family:(