Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life is good

In spite of the rapid temperature drops, the snow, and the depression that accompanies winter for me, I must say, life is good.  Even though Megan and I are both still tired from the lack of sleep, I am exhausted from not having a day off since October 30th and won't have one till Thanksgiving day, having Koby and Lincoln around always brightens things up. 

Today was rough though.  I was up with Lincoln at 5am this morning.  I hate not being able to sleep, but I can't help but be happy when he starts giggling for no reason.  Koby and Megan got up a little later, so I was finally able to get ready for work.  When I was leaving Koby said, "Have a great trip dad!"  It made me smile.  Kids are hard sometimes, but they sure are fun :)

Opening Halloween packages from Grandma and Grandpa D and the McCalls

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rjd said...

Someday you'll look back on this and never remember how tired you were. These are the good times :)