Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Normally I cut Koby's hair using a #2 guard on the bottom and using scissors for the top. Well last night I decided to use a bigger guard and just buzz the top. Oops. I put the wrong guard on. Luckily he is only a baby and can't complain. My poor baby is practically bald now.

You would think that his Alfalfa/Mohawk thing would go away with short hair, but I'm afraid not. Poor kid's hair grows in a mane at the top with two sweet cowlicks that give him an alfalfa-do. Looks like Koby will not only have a couple web toes to impress the ladies with, but he will also have a permanent Mohawk. Lets hope it won't go out of style:)

A little too buzz-happy...

Monday, March 29, 2010

Triangle Trip

James had two weeks off between his old job and his new job so we decided to make a vacation out of it. We drove from Utah to Washington, to visit my family, then from Washington to California, to visit James family, and back home again to Utah. Koby did well on the drives, thanks to Crystal for her DVD player and Elmo(and the fact we try to drive at night so he sleeps).


As we headed out of Utah we stopped by the Children's Museum in Salt Lake for some FREE fun. It was a good way to get the wiggles out of Koby before the trip.

Congratulations to my mom who found out she got into Bastyr University while we were there! What did we do in Washington? We had a picnic at the park, fed the ducks at the lake, played outside in the sun, went to a hockey game, visited friends and family, and Micah and James rocked out in the garage. Lucky for us our car sprang a leak at the world's best car-fixer's house. So, thanks to my dad, James had a few lessons on manly car repairs.

We were also able to visit Grandpa DeFreese's grave for the first time. Glad I know where he really is right now:)

One of the joys of being a grandma... While we were feeding the ducks, Ethan's Wolverine claws fell into the lake. My mom and I both looked at each other wondering what to do( it would be only a moment before Ethan would notice and start breaking down). So my mom, the wonderful grandma that she is, waded into the ice-cold lake to travel the 25 feet where it was to get it.


In CA we were able to rest and relax. We went to James' friend Nick's wedding, visited family, played at the park, and Darrell turned me from a not-so-good to a not-so-bad tennis player:) I also learned the skills to playing Hearts. And Koby loved playing with Cocoa - the family bird.

Now our vacation is over and we are all getting over colds, but it was worth it:)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catching a break

After a tough year filled with 100's of applications we caught a break. In the last week James has been offered 3 good jobs. The job we accepted is a Japanese Business Operations Rep for O.C. tanner in Salt Lake City. It's a great job with a great company and James gets to use his Major and Minor! The only downside is we will be residing in Utah for a little while longer:)

So you all know James is pursuing his Masters in Education. Well, can you believe that he wants to shape these young minds and he doesn't even know how to write in Cursive?! He lived in Japan for part of his life and of course they do not teach cursive there. Sunday we sat down and I started to teach him the rarely-used skill. I just have to post a picture because his handwriting is so cute....

Also, I've been told I need to document all the words Koby says, so here it goes:

Beep, Beep
Arf, Arf
Chicken - Titten
Kitty cat - Titt tat
Please - Peeeee
Meow - weoow
Vroom, Vroom - Voo, Voo
Binky - Bee
Snack -Nack
Temple - Bembo
Grandpa - Bampa
Grandma - Ama
Emily - Emi
Milk - Mil
Teeth/Treat - Tee
Outside - Out

*He's working on and close to Thank you, Ty, and All Done.

For all you Utah moms... Thursdays from 10-11 in Lindon, Jump On It has "Mommy and Me Time". Only $3 for you and your kid. Thanks to my friend Crystal we've made this a weekly event. I need to bring my camera, but I stole these from Crystal's blog... It's even fun for "Mommy" (As seen below...) Oh and if you go, wear socks, and bring an extra pair.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Pigeons, and Cookies, and Traaaaaaaaash..."

James got a job....It is graveyard, but in this economy a jobs a job. We are soooo grateful!

So March is here and James' motto is "six pack Summer".Haha. Even though it snowed almost a foot in one day last week, Summer is just around the bend - yay! We got a pull up bar last week - best purchase all year. Koby can't get enough of it. When we opt to exercise at home instead of the gym, you will usually find Koby sitting on our backs while we do push-ups, bouncing on our stomachs while we are doing crunches, and if you have ever tried a wall sit with an extra, wiggling 20 lbs on your lap, you know it is pretty dang hard.

Stop reading if you don't want a Koby update:)...

For the last week you will find James rolling his eyes while I'm singing...

"A cheese is a person in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood..." OR

"Elmo had 4 ducks, Quack, Quack,Quack,Quack..." OR

"C is for cookie, that's good enough for me, C is for cookie, that's good enough for me"

Seriously. Koby LOVES watching Sesame Street songs on YouTube. He learned to say "Elmo" and now I'm stuck watching LL Cool J and Elmo while they go on an "Addition Expedition" everyday. Elmo has really helped Koby though. He now says "A,B,C" and "3". He can "arf,arf, moo, meow, bock bock, oo-e-ah, and bang his chest like a gorilla." He has also begun to tell us "no no", which he does alot. Do we really tell him no all the time?

New words are pouring out of him lately. It's fun:) Oh and he is officially weened from his Binky! Yay (Way easier than I thought).

Monday, March 1, 2010


President's Day weekend we took a trip to Elk Grove to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The weather was amazing. We went to the park three days in a row, played some football, and enjoyed the sun. We also learned how to make our own Sushi-yum. Every time we try to go out for a walk here in Utah, the wind starts blowing or the snow starts falling. We hate UT Winters. We are counting down for summer.

While we were in CA we hit up the Sacramento zoo. Koby enjoyed the animals. We also went to the zoo last week with Crystal and Ty. The Hogle Zoo had Free Wednesdays for the month of February. Even though it snowed on us, Koby and Ty had fun. At the Giraffe Barn you could go upstairs. It was pretty cool. Their heads were only a few feet from us. Ever since the zoo, Koby has been roarin' like a lion and making monkey sounds. James also taught him how to bang on his chest and act like a gorilla. . .

Ok this is random, but the other day Koby was taking a bath. I left the room for a second and I hear Koby screaming. I go running back into the bathroom and he is standing in the corner of the tub. Can you guess what he was screaming at? His own poo in the tub. haha. Now this happens anytime he goes you-know-what in the tub. haha. Maybe it'll teach him not to do it anymore:)