Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Wednesday we went and looked at our last town home. Every place we look at has been tiiiny. I think we've decided the only logical thing to do is to wait a little longer and save for a place.  Depending on where James gets in for MBA, we could be here in Utah another 1 1/2 - 4 years - AHH! Life doesn't always go as planned. James and I always thought the second we were graduated we'd be gone! Well, the Lord and the economy had something else planned.

So anyways we decided to give Em and Shane our third couch and move the computer out of the "office". We painted and fixed up rooms for the boys. I haven't hung anything on the walls in the baby's room, but Koby's room is done!

AND by the way it is day 2 of taking the crib away from Koby completely and I think we've done it! I  laid him down for a nap and he whined for maybe 20 seconds. I haven't heard him get out of bed and I am pretty sure he went right to sleep! Wahoo! Next adventure is Potty Training, but I don't think James and I are ready for that just yet. We will probably wait a couple months on that one.

James' previous blog post told you how we tortured Koby with the door lock, but what he didn't mention is the best motivator ever... a "trick or treat bag". James and Koby went to the store yesterday and picked out hot wheels, candy, little toys, suckers, etc. We put them in his trick or treat bag and remind him each time he sleeps in his "big boy bed" he gets to pick from the bag. So far it has worked like a charm. Hopefully really soon we won't have to bribe him anymore.

Here's our paint job...We are thankful James' grandparents let us paint, it looks alot more homey:)

Koby's Room:

Lincoln's Room:
I got a rocking chair!! YAY! No more standing and shaking my babies to sleep - Thank you tax return and James!

I also realized how much Koby really used his crib for the teething process... Why did we spend $230.00 on a nice crib for him? Oh well, I am sure Lincoln will gnaw away at it too. Maybe this time I will go buy a cover for the rails.

Torturing Your Child... and Yourself: A How-to Guide

1.  Convince you child that they are too big for their crib and that it is time for a big kid bed.  (Even though this may not be true, your wife may just be seven months pregnant and you just don't want to have two cribs in the house.)
2.  Place a child proof door knob on the inside of the child's bedroom door as shown in the picture below (a 4-pack can be purchased at Home Depot for $3.89):

3.  Deceive your child into thinking that you just want to read some books with them in their new bed.  (Don't mention the word nap or bed-time, you don't want them to know the truth.)
4.  After you are done reading, cover him/her with a blanket give them a kiss (giving them a false sense of security), and then run out of the room before they can follow you.
5.  Then listen to them scream, bang the door, yell "Daddy where are you?!", and cry for about 30 to 45 minutes.
6.  Feel terrible because you have locked your child in their own bedroom--what should be a safe-haven for the world we live in, a place of happiness and security--like a prisoner.
7.  If you are patient and lucky, the child will wear themselves out and most likely fall asleep in their room, possibly right next to the door so you can't get in and put them in their bed.
8.  When they wake up, they will most likely scream and cry again because they are still locked in their room and have realized that the whole experience wasn't just a bad dream.
9.  Repeat until the child will sleep in their bed all on their own.

We did this for Koby's nap time yeterday.  At least last night he only cried for about 5 minutes and actually feel asleep in his bed.  Hopefully it doesn't take much longer to used to the new sleeping situation.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


We've been looking for places to move to get Koby and I closer to our friends down in Orem/Provo, but we've had no luck! When you rent in Orem/Provo everything is overpriced and GHETTO! So we decided to move the office and fix up little Lincoln's room for the mean time until we figure out is renting or buying is the right move.

Koby is doing well so far with the idea of a new brother (as much as he understands that is). I was cleaning and organizing the rooms today and Koby kept playing with the car seat and saying, "This is baby Lincoln's carseat...This is baby Lincoln's room".

However, when it comes time to give up his crib he just won't have it! We made the switch to the big boy bed yesterday. Koby freaked out. We ended up having to bring in his crib for the night :( Our plan tonight is to not let him have his crib. I just wish we would have switched him to a big bed when he couldn't open doors. This is going to be another loooong night. ANY suggestions??

He was so excited for his new PJ's, blanket, and Big Boy bed

Last week we went to the indoor pool with the Craigs. Koby woke up a day later with the dreaded Pink Eye! The nurse sent us to the pharmacy for some eyedrops - miracle drops. He cleared up in less than a day! Do you think this is how he could have gotten it?...

Sick, I know.

I am 27.5 weeks. Three months left! This last week has begun to be uncomfortable and I know it only gets worse. I have one pair of pants that fit comfortably(they use to be my "can pull down past my bum without unbuttoning pants" and now they are my "too-tight-looking/suck in while you pull them up and rubberband pants"). While James is peacefully sleeping on his 1/8 of the bed, I lay awake at night with punches, kicks, and flips inside me. I have begun to get stomach aches after I exercise-noooooo! I miss my body. I do not ever remember feeling this uncomfortable this soon with Koby, BUT I guess if we remembered we wouldn't want to do it again.  I could do labor and delivery 10 times in a row, if it was like it was with Koby, if I never had to be pregnant.

Don't read me wrong, I am grateful Heavenly Father has blessed us once again with another healthy baby in my belly! I just wish the Stork was more involved.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2 Years Old

We went to Target and got these two year old pictures of Koby:

This one was my choice (James)

Megan liked the cheesy smile in this one
He was a little shy at first and to get him to warm up to the camera lady, I decided that a bribe was in order.  I went out and bought a Baby Bottle Pop (probably one of the worst inventions ever, but Koby loves them).  I told Koby he could have it after he took some pictures... then he did great.

Afterwords we were looking through the pictures deciding on our favorites.  Koby was sitting behind us busy with his Baby Bottle Pop.  I took my off him for a few seconds to look through the pictures with Megan, and I turned back around to Koby licking the Baby Bottle Pop powder off of the carpet.  His face and nose were all blue, it was pretty gross.  Oh well, at least he was happy right?

Friday, February 11, 2011

What makes me smile...

I was trying really hard to focus on my scripture reading today and Koby kept trying to shove plastic food at me. Hastily, I told him his monkey didn't get any breakfast this morning and he should go give him a banana. Later I walked into Koby's room...

It probably wouldn't amuse most, but it's little things he does like this that keep me smiling.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Two biggest Colts fans

I finished Koby's blanket ... It makes both of them happy:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Look who's two!

Last Saturday Koby turned two! We had such a fun day. He woke up to streamers, balloons, and a motorcycle bike. Then we ventured out to Jumpin' Jacks (thanks Devon and Aaron for the idea), a place of big, inflatable slides, and blowup toys. It was only 3 bucks a person! Our friends, the Craigs, joined us. We ate some unhealthy pizza and pop, and then ate some DIRT cake --totally a kid's cake (Koby really enjoys gummy worms). Aunt Emily spent the day with us and Aunt Lisa and Dave joined us for presents and some dirt.

I know every parent thinks their kid is smart, but really Koby has been a little smarty pants since he was a baby. I better write down some of the fun moments before he out grows them...

-The other day I was busy doing laundry. Koby comes in and points to a fuzzy, hairy lint by the dryer and says, "Oh yucky. Yucky, a spider!" Then he runs into the other room, gets a baby wipe, comes back in, bends over and picks up the "spider" in his wipe. He runs it to the trash and says, "I put the yucky spider in the garbage mommy." So often he has witnessed me yelling for James to kill a spider and by the look he gave me I could tell he was trying to protect his mommy from the "spider".

- Koby does this finger trick where he bites off his finger and then blows it back on. Well, lately he has been saying, "I see the Y! I see the Y!"...I never understood until James told me to take a closer look at his little fingers. Sure enough, his finger creases make a letter Y! What a smarty pants. We never taught him that!

-Tony is the guy from P90X. Everyday Koby says, "I wanna exercise with Tony". He does jumping jacks, push ups, squat jumps, sit ups, you name it. He even uses his own 2 1/2 lb weight.He is good at pushing us to get to it. He has been known to bring me my Jillian DVD and say,"I wanna watch the exercise movie mommy." Today we were working out and he must be able to tell jumping is hard for a pregnant lady because he stops and punches the air, "Go mommy go! Go mommy go." I think it made me jump a little higher:)

-Everyday he says, "I wanna watch a football game"...He loves his daddy and he loves watching football with him. For his birthday we got him a Colts football helmet. He puts it on, gets his football, and crouches down with one hand on the floor. He says, "Hike" and tackles.

-I love hearing Koby talking on the phone - He puts it to his ears and says, "uh, Koby Huntington...talkin' to Daddy Huntington."

-Sunday, James took Koby out of Sacrament to change his diaper. Koby grabbed onto the door frame, peaked his head back in the room, and yelled, "Bye mommy. I love you mommy!"

-Some of his favorite things to say:
               -"I'll be right back"
               -"Wait just a minute"
               -"One more time please"
               -"I love you...I love you more"
               -"What chya doin' daddy/mommy over there"
               -"I wanna do it all by myself"
               -"I go to the grocery store. Gettin' food"
               -"Goin to the temple to get married"
               -"Gimme kisses"

-Koby is a good little singer. He knows all the words to the following: Jesus Wants Me For a Sunbeam, Twinkle,Twinkle Little Star, and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. He has confused Old McDonald with Heavenly Father. He always sings, "Heavly Fadder had a pig, e-i-e-i-o". Yesterday I heard him singing in his playroom, "The temple...going there someday".

-I love how he calls himself- "Koby Huntington", James- "Daddy Huntington", and me-"Mommy Huntington".

He is such a sweet kid. He is always quick to give kisses and hugs. He makes our days happier :) We love to watch him grow and develop, I just hope he doesn't grow up too quickly...

So excited for his "Baby Bottle Pop"

Thanks for my blanket Grandma!