Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Boys

Look who turned 4 months on Monday! I don't know how it happened, but we have a tall one. Linc is 90% percentile for height and weighs half as much as Koby! He is wearing clothes that Koby wore when he was walking. Crazy! I love his chunky little thighs and his dimply bum. 

Lincoln is so fun. He laughs most every time when you change his clothes-its pretty funny. Apparently there is something hilarious about getting his arms pulled out of the sleeves. He also loves his vowels. James can always make Linc chuckle by doing some ridiculous vowel sounds. Bath time is Lincoln's favorite thing. His arms and legs move so fast that he makes it across the length of the bath in about 3.2 seconds! 

And yes, his tongue can usually be seen out in most pictures.

All I can say about this kid can be seen...

Uncle Shane's awesome dessert

 + Dad(in charge for TWO minutes)

= This.

At what age will a child stop needing constant supervision while eating? Today...Koby decided to do his hair and a little finger painting using an entire cup of Chocolate Milk.

We are up to 3 baths far.

Thanks to James, Koby has become an awesome vegetable eater. If I do anything that is slightly strenuous I hear, "Let Koby do it... I have big muscles. I eat my Man Food mom." Today at the park, from the top of the slide, at the top of his lungs..."I'm such a great climber mom! I eat my Man Food!" In church taking the sacrament, "This is Man Food mom?"

Koby has become Mr. Social on the block. At first we thought it was our supply of sidewalk chalk and bubbles that kept the kids coming, but as the chalk and bubbles disappear the kids keep coming. As Koby is skateboarding down our steep driveway head first his 10 year old friend looks over at me and says, "Koby is really fun to play with, even though he is a little guy!"

The Duo:
Koby has been doing a great job at being a good big brother lately. Every time Lincoln wakes up Koby runs in to see him. He peaks into the crib and says, "Hi buddy! You waked up? Come in Kob's room to play." Although we still have the occasional lets-see-if-I-can-jump-over-the-baby moment, life with the two has been pretty good :)

At least boys should be easier teenagers...right?!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Joys of Motherhood

I had 1/4 c.(no exaggeration) of spit up hurled into my mouth and I stepped in a large puddle of pee within a 20 minute period. Gotta love these two.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Swoosh, Swoosh...

...Don't you just love wiggling dirty undies in the toilet? We started potty training Koby this last Thursday. He has trained like a champ. He even went to nursery in big boy underwear today- yay!  Say hello to 40 bucks a month that won't be spent on diapers/wipes for him (instead they can go to out ridiculous sewage bill we have to pay each month).

Our house is coming along! We only have a few rooms left to paint. We still need curtains and what not, but it's feeling more and more like a home. We are liking our ward. Today I got called to the YW sports coordinator-fun calling huh?! I get to sit in Young Women's each week and play sports with them. I'm excited. Today, the Bishop told me we have the largest primary in the church! We also have 70 kids in nursery! I'm relieved I didn't get a call to nursery;) Needless to say, our ward is sure to be splitting this month.

Our little living room:) Don't worry James is not watching, "Two Broke Girls," He is watching football.
Love them:)
Linc's room
(needs curtains)
Boys Bathroom
Koby is loving all the young kids around. When we go outside he can always count on a friend (or10) to play with him. The kids are usually older than he is, but they are so nice to him and really good about making him feel included. He is happy here. Today at church he said hi to everyone in the halls..."hi...hi friends...hi every person...You coming to nursery?...hi!...what's your name?..."

Our smiley little Lincoln is getting more personality each day.

We've made a recent discovery...Koby got his Daddy's tongue and Linc got his Mommy's tongue! This kid has his tongue out constantly.

Anyways, just a little update on life as we know it.