Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Enduring Winter

We have become bad bloggers. Blame the iphone. I rarely get on the computer anymore. Unfortunately, that means I get to play catch up. Also, most of my pictures are from my phone and not the best quality, sorry! I am very disappointed in myself.

I guess we'll start where I left off...

We celebrated Koby's birthday by letting him have a few friends over for a little celebration the Saturday before. It was simple and last minute, but it was a fun little get together and Koby loved it.

Ty Mitchell
Ayden Stoner (Not pictured: Colton Stoner)
Nixon Bennion
Good old fashioned Games
Anna and Luke Craig
The following Tuesday was Koby's actual birthday. James took the day off and we planned to go bowling with the birthday boy. However the genius mom that I am, I scheduled Koby's 4 year checkup that morning. Nothing like Happy Birthday shots, right?!  It took both the nurse and me laying on him to get the last couple shots in. And James said you could hear him screaming all the way in the front of the office. I'm such a mean mom. Poor kid was lethargic all day and fell asleep before we ever got to go bowling.

The day was still fun and special though. The boys got to pick treats from the store's bakery...

We got to play with new toys...

Thanks Grandma Takako and Grandpa H.!

Building Clothes pin cars :)
Loving his Hoppy Ball
Thanks Grandma and Grandpa D.!

And Koby's dream came true when he opened his toy skate park...

In the evening we celebrated by eating delicious Hot Fudge Sundaes with Aunt Sherry, Cameron, Uncle Shane, and Aunt Emily.

Koby is now in Sunbeams and we just signed him up for some legit preschool this fall. I can't believe how fast time flies.

Today is February 26th, which means we are just 3 months shy of celebrating Lincoln's 2nd birthday! Linc has been showing more personality lately which has been fun. Linc is still a man of  few words, but he has been showing more interest in talking lately. Aside from his long conversations he will have with you in pure jibberish, he says: mom, dad, car, please("peeez"), apple, no no, thank you ("deet do"), happy, bye, hi. He is a funny little guy, he doesn't care if you want him to talk, Linc does what he wants to do. We have realized lately that he is just as stubborn as one of his parents (we won't name names),

Linc has two loves: 1-accessorizing and 2-brushing his teeth.

He especially loves to accessorize with his BYU hat. For about two weeks he wore that darn thing day and night. Now I can get him to forget about it sometimes, but heaven forbid I try to make him wear another hat...

Seriously, he is as stubborn as he is sweet. Here he is wearing sunglasses at 9 at night. In the pitch black and all..

And in the bathtub...

As Linc gets older he and Koby have begun to play together alot more. Not so much with toys, but with activities - wrestling, reading, chasing each other, motorcycle rides, etc. I love how much they love each other.

Instead of complaining about the horrible, awfully cold, snowy, winters here in Utah let me share the two things I will miss come Spring. One...

The gorgeous snowy mountains. And two...

This daily conversation: "Mom, if I eat five more bites of dinner can I go eat some snow? Please mom, it's a healthy snack!"