Monday, November 28, 2011

Six Months

Time is flying by... Lincoln turned 6 months on Saturday. This 18.6 pound chunk is as lovable as ever. He is sweet, squishy, calm, friendly, happy, big, dimply, and smiley.

Lincoln can roll, but prefers to sit calmly and play with his toys. I don't really see crawling too near in the future. He is content with sitting and observing. He is a sweet, mellow baby...except when there is food involved. Lincoln is one LOUD eater. He grunts, moans, and screams the entire time he is eating. We just can't feed him fast enough!

Koby is Lincoln's favorite person. He lights up when Koby walks into the room. If he is upset and you show him a picture of Koby he will smile and flail his arms in excitement. I guess he is quick to forgive all the bangs in the head from toys, pushes, tackles, and help with rolling over that he receives from his older brother.

I love each new stage and development, but time really does fly by a little too fast...

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