Saturday, January 31, 2009

KOBY is here!!

January 28th - 6 days over due, and Megan is feeling pretty uncomfortable.

4:00pm - Go into the hospital for first dose of gel to soften the cervix in preparation to be induced. Contractions start and continue to get stronger.

10:00pm - Went back to the hospital for second dose of gel. When the nurse checked to see how Megan was progressing, she said she was dilated to a 4 and admitted us into the hospital. No induction necessary!

January 29th
1:30am - Megan was dilated to a 6 and the contractions were getting pretty painful and she requested an epidural. It took over 45 minutes for the doctor to come and administer it to her though. So she was dilated to about a 7 when she finally got it.

2:15am - Epidural is in, and it was like night and day. Megan and I watched Miss Congeniality. It was that or "Down with Love."

4:05am - Megan is fully dilated, and begins pushing.

4:50 am- Doctor comes in to catch him...and

4:52am - Koby James Huntington is born!! He weighed 7lbs 9oz, and was 20 inches long.

I know all parents think their babies are the cutest, but he really is the cutest baby! We LOVE him!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The doctor's were wrong...

40 week picture....

The doctor called me today... they were wrong on my due date!! I thought I was 3 days overdue but actually I am 5 days overdue! January 22nd was my real due date! The hospital's policy is not to let a woman go over 41 weeks, so I get to start the inducing process tomorrow night! YAY! Next time we post you will see a baby...and NOT a picture James just found online!

Monday, January 19, 2009

We had our baby!!!

Oh my gosh, I'm just kidding. I hope our kid doesn't look like this. Maybe I shouldn't make fun of other people's babies when Megan is due Saturday. Oh well, just crossing my fingers and hoping he doesn't look like this.

So, the other day Megan got mad at me because I was supposed to write every other post, and as you can see I haven't been doing that. The conversation went something to the effect of,
"James, I posted something on our blog today."
"I have done like the last 5 posts, I thought you were going to do some."
"Ah... Sure."
"Fine, I'll do the next one."
"Ya right... What are you going to write it about, you have nothing to write about."
"I'll do one. I'll write one about this conversation."
"You're a retard."
That was the end. So here I am, posting on our blog because my beautiful wife didn't believe I ever would. Ya, that's right Megan, who's the retard now?

I am sure no one reading this post cares, so here is a funny picture...

Friday, January 16, 2009

39 weeks...

...and STILL pregnant! Our due date is approaching fast. Only one week left! I am progressively dilating and effacing so hopefully he will come on time... crossing my fingers. My mom flies in on Thursday! We are excited!

I have finished all my projects - Tuesday I completed a mission scrapbook for James. Since then I have been trying to sleep in as late as possible, space out my cleaning, and take a loooong bath to kill time until James gets off work! Hopefully I can think of another project to get me through the next week...

Here is the HUGE 39 week picture... hopefully it is the last one we get to take pregnant!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Holidays!

This Christmas was our first in Utah and it was a snowy one! James' family came out to celebrate with us. . .

They got us a MUCH NEEDED memory foam for our mattress. Now James doesn't wake up complaining about his sore back every morning! My family sent us presents too - we couldn't wait and opened them before Christmas.. Here is James having fun with his new toys...

Counting his guitar fund with his new bank from mom and dad...

This is what all your birthday money and Christmas money went to for James... Yesterday he finally spent all his saved money on his new Fender bass guitar. He's happy. And check out his haircut - I performed my second haircut ever on him yesterday...and man I am good.

As of today we only have 22 days until our due date! Last week we went to the doctor's for my first internal check - what fun! The cervix is soft and effaced 60% and I am dilated about a 1. His head is down there and ready! Our second fun doctor's appointment is tomorrow! We were both sick from Christmas on (just getting over it) and we did alot of coughing and nose blowing so I think that had to have helped even more! Here is week 37...we are so close...

I almost forgot... Last Saturday was our second anniversary! Two days after Christmas is a bad time for an anniversary. Last year we were in Washington, James spent the evening out with the men in our family while I was at a bridal shower! haha, This year we hung out with family here in Utah....oh and we were sick!

We are excited to have a baby, but I will miss life with just James...we've had the best two years!