Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lovin' my Daddy

There is a funny video that I just can't get to post, but it is Koby and James watching a basketball game on TV. Koby loves ESPN . Whatever James yells at the TV, Koby repeats. "Shoot it, Pass, Oh no, niiiiiiiice".

When James and I used to go running, whenever we would be stopped at a light James would have to throw an "air football" or wind up and "hit a baseball". I would DIE- he was so embarrassing. He told me that's just something boys do. Now Koby has started. He pretends to dribble the ball and shoot. He will yell, "Shoot it, Niiiiiiiice." I guess it's a boy thing.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I survived the Wasatch Back! My team of 12 successfully ran all 188 miles from Logan to Park City. It took running this race for me to realize how beautiful Utah actually is. Just look at this picture.

The most torturous part of the race was getting 5 hours of sleep in 2 days (3 of those hours were on a high school gym's hard floor) AND missing these two faces:

This was my first time leaving Koby, but his daddy and Aunt Emily took real good care of him:)

Here is our amazing team(After 2 days w/no showers):

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Splash Park

So my good friend Crystal told me this week that they need another girl for the Ragnar Relay- "A wild 170-mile relay race from Logan to Park City, Utah". This race is NEXT WEEK. James is the long distance runner, not me. I have one week to train, I just might die. Wish me luck.

Attn: Utah moms
In Highland, about 5 minutes from our house:), they built a splash park where kids can go play in the water all day for FREE! You take Alpine Hwy, turn right after Wendy's, and there it is.

We went this week with our new friends Cami and Bella, and of course Crystal and Ty. It was so fun.

Bella giving Koby a hug, haha.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Out of the mouth of Babes...

For some weird reason, this is how Koby has always said please, with his own sign language - I figured I'd document it. We have begun to say simple prayers with Koby right before he goes to bed each night. He kneels down, closes his eyes (well blinks repeatedly), and folds his arms. He says "Cheesus" and "Daddyyyyy, Praaaa" and then gives an "Ame-a".

Raising kids is probably the coolest experience ever. Koby has said Jesus since he was about 11 months. A few months ago, at his grandma's house, he points to this TINY picture of Jesus on the fridge, and says "Cheesus". A few weeks ago we were visiting Emily. Koby walks into her roommate's room and points to a picture of Jesus on the wall and says, "Cheesus". Even when he was just barely one, at church he will point to the pictures on the wall and say, "Cheesus." But the thing that amazes me is all artists draw Jesus in their own way, however Koby knows exactly who Jesus is in each picture. It's cool to have a little one with you that was so recently with Jesus:)

At the park last week this little girl kept following us and wanting to play with Koby. While I was washing the dripping blood from Koby's nose, the little girl spots Koby's ear and says... "Oh cuuuuute! He has a curly ear! I've never seen that before. He is the cutest baby ever." Then later on Koby calls me Mommy and she turns to me and says..."You're his Mom? I thought you were his sister!" So I say, "Well how old do you think I am" and she says, "maybe 29 or 30". Haha. Oh kids.

Summer has begun! We are loving the outdoors. Seven Peaks has opened up-which means swimming any day we want, and school is out - which means the playground is empty:). Last week Catherine and I ventured out on for a bike ride with the 3 kids. It was a site and I wish we had a picture...Two moms on a tandem bike with three kids, stopped on a hill, and trying to pedal together to get started again.

This summer should bring many new adventures:)