Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Before I knew it Koby grabbed my Fudgsicle and...

Rolly Polly...

MMM... Prunes!

A new trick... He tries to imitate you when you roll your lips...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bumbo Hater


June started with a trip to WA for Emily's high school graduation. Emily and Sherry will be down here in less than 2 months! We can't wait. However, that means Rachel will be gone...we are bummed about that.

We celebrated Matt and my dad's birthdays in WA. And we made it home just in time to celebrate James' first Father's Day!

Summer is finally here! And what do you think we have we been doing for the first sunny week of Summer? Swimming, swimming, and more swimming! We have our Seven Peaks passes and we are getting our money's worth. Koby LOVES the water! Here are some pictures of our summer so far...

Monday, June 1, 2009

It's all BRAIN

So everyone is ALWAYS saying we've got a big baby... well today was his 4 month check up and here are the results...

Height ... 25th percentile (no shocker there)
Weight ... 25th percentile
Head ... 65th percentile ... I bet this is why people are mislead.

He sure is a cutie though.

Best Friends

When Koby would fall asleep he would grab on to any part of my body or clothes to make sure I wouldn't put him down. Well I out-smarted him by giving him a stuffed animal to grab on to. NOW...The only way he sleeps is with his hands clutching and his face buried in his stuffed animals. I would have never guessed to stock up on these furry friends.