Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Little Chunk

Lincoln is one month old. It's hard to believe James and I have been sleep deprived for only a month. It feels like an eternity since we had some good sleep. I am excited though...last night Lincoln slept 4 straight hours and then 3 straight hours, then another 3. It was nice. It would have been nicer if Koby hadn't woken up twice, screaming from nightmares.

Lincoln still sleeps a ton and he is growing like crazy. In the last four weeks he has gained 3+ pounds. He is now a whopping 11+ lbs. He moved into 3 month clothes at just 3 weeks. Crazy how fast they grow. He is a sweet baby and we are loving him more each day.

Today, Koby and I were working out to a Jillian DVD. The girls on the video wear sports bras to work out so their midriffs are exposed. Part way through his leg kicks Koby pulls up his shirt and holds it like the girls. He used one hand to hold his shirt up and one hand to do his exercises for the next few minutes. It made me laugh. Kids are really observant.

It's crazy how much he has changed and matured in just the last month. The nursery ladies at church say that he just talks their ears off each week. He has always been a talker, but he is starting to use some common phrases, like "I have an idea".  He is a little narrator which is a pain at church. Last week, James went to the bathroom and Koby very loudly exclaimed, "Daddy went to go pee in the biiiiig boy potty!" Needless to say we sit in the very back row each week.

The kid does not forget either. Which means no bribing him with something for later unless you plan on following through! Koby has gotten a lot more independent since Lincoln arrived. I fell asleep on the couch this morning and Koby got his own cereal and bowl out. He had me pour it, but that was it. Then I woke up to find him going outside to play in his sandbox, STILL in his PJ's and soggy diaper. I felt like a bad mom. A very tired, bad mom.

I always looked twice at people who's kids were sloppily dressed with uncombed hair and koolaid mustaches. As koby played at the park the other day in 85 degree weather and rain boots, I realized I have misjudged parents before:)


Here is photos of Koby and Lincoln as babies...it's kinda fun to compare.
They look like brothers, but different from each other, in my opinion.



Thursday, June 23, 2011

My favorite month

June. Not too hot, not too cold.

We have had a crazy 3 weeks. Starting with Lincoln's arrival...and ending with family in town. My family came out this past week for Emily and Shane's wedding. It was beautiful! Emily looked like a princess. We are so happy to have Shane in our family now. I think our family lucked out-we've got some pretty cool brothers-in-law and an awesome sister-in-law.

Our nannies for the night:)

This doesn't do it justice at all, but it was the prettiest reception ever.

James got emotional when the bride and dad danced:)

Grandma, Lincoln, and crazy uncle Sean:)

Koby's entertainment and our lifesavers for the night!
Dehn entertaining Koby at the temple

Cute little Charlie
Sunday, since our family was in town we celebrated father's day in the best way-with 2 baby blessings! Lincoln and Charlie shared their special day together. These little cousins are close in age and are going to be buddies. It has been so fun having Rachel and Sean stay here in Utah for the last 3 weeks. They leave for WA this Friday and we are sad to see them go.

Happy Father's Day

Some other exciting news-James was promoted to a Lead for his Logistics Health job! What a hard worker. I am so proud of him. He is also putting every spare minute and penny he can into his Run For Innocence organization. I cannot believe I stifled his dream for so long-telling him we didn't have the time or money right now. I am glad he ignored me and was finally able to start his charity:) He is so passionate about this. Since James started this organization my eyes have been opened. We live in a sick world. I am scared for what our children will go through. I do not think there is such thing as "over protective" anymore. James and I are determined to keep our little guys safe.

Anyways, on another note ... I have been able to go running pretty much everyday for the last couple weeks thanks to my awesome JOGGING STROLLER. Hands down, this was the best purchase ever. Yesterday we went on a family jog. It was fun, and this is how the boys enjoyed it...

So Koby has finally warmed up to Lincoln. When Lincoln cries he gives him his Binky and says, "It's OK baby Lincoln, don't cry". He also thinks it is hilarious when Lincoln spits up or fills his diaper. Yep he must be a boy. We still do have the occasional hit every now and then, but they have become veeeery few and far between. Yay- life is getting better! Lincoln is a strong little thing and I think he knows what to expect when Koby comes near him. I can't wait until they can play together. I captured a sweet moment between them the other day...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday with the help of the guys are Mango Films, my cousin Janelle, her neighbors and all their kids, we were able to start shooting a promotional video for Run for Innocence.  It was a blast.  We played at the park for about an hour while the guys got the footage they needed, and then we went down to a quiet street a few blocks away to shoot a screen with all the kids running.  The kids did great and I had a fun time running and playing with Koby. 

After all the kids left, Koby and I stuck around while the guys got a few more shots.  It was fun just sitting on the grass and talking with him.  I love having two kids, and Lincoln is great, but it was nice to spend some one-on-one time with Koby.  He is crazy, full of energy, and will drive me to exhaustion on most days, but he is a great kid.  I love my boys!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Friday was O.C. Tanner's Lagoon Day. James' work gave all their employees free Lagoon tickets for their families! Last year we went, but Koby was too little to ride anything but the merry-go-round and the train. It also poured down rain on us last year. This year it was the perfect temperature and Koby was big enough for all the kiddie rides. He had a blast!

Koby is a fearless kid. He and James rode the roller coaster together and Koby was raising his arms in the air and grinning. He also decided that he likes to stand up and look over the edge on the Ferris Wheel! After stopping at the top I realized that I should have just waited with Lincoln at the stroller... I am NOT a fan of the Ferris Wheel! Anyways, we had so much fun. O.C. Tanner treats their employees really well. We are grateful for the great job James has.

Waaaaay too happy to be hovering hundreds of feet in the air without a seat belt
Planning how to save my kids if the bucket should fall

This is how Lincoln enjoyed most of the day
Koby and his ride buddy-what a good dad:)
At the dinner James' name got called for a prize. He won a car washing kit! Woohoo! haha. They had some other cooler prizes, but now we have a car washing brush for our new house! Yep. We are doing it. James is out signing the papers right now and if all goes well we will be the proud owners of this 2004 beauty...

3 Bedroom ... 3 Bath + Basement:)

We are moving to Eagle Mountain, the East part- as close as you can get to Saratoga Springs. The area is beautiful! There is a pretty view of Utah Lake and the mountains. We love the atmosphere over there-kids everywhere riding their bikes, joggers, and people just out enjoying life. We have not been wanting to buy just because we want out of Utah, but it was time for a move and it just felt right. James has a great job and will most likely be going back to BYU for an MBA so here we are for a while longer:)

A few weeks ago FIVE single girls moved upstairs! We had a really hard time for the first week-when we brought Lincoln home from the hospital. The noise has caused us to wake up all night long with not only a newborn, but also a toddler. We have literally been running on a couple hours of sleep a night! Five single girls means 5 boyfriends, 5 cars, 10 high heels, etc. They are really nice girls though and it is not their fault we can hear them so much. One of them bought me flowers, diapers, and some sidewalk chalk(for Koby). Anyways, we are grateful for the nice places we have been able to live at, but we are so ready for this new blessing! Cross your fingers all goes well:)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

2 Weeks

Lincoln's beginning to look more like a little person and less like an alien!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today was the first day Koby has not slapped Lincoln on the face! Yay! I consider that a good day.

Life has been rough for Koby. Since Lincoln arrived and stolen his thunder, he has begun to act out more. He has begun to throw bark at kids in the park. I-yi-yi. He has definitely tried my patience this week, but it is already getting better. Koby went from beating him one day to completely ignoring him the next. Now, however, he helps put his Binky in his mouth and wants to hold him.

I don't know how this little baby has survived Koby thus far, but he has! Lincoln is the easiest, sweetest baby.   I hope the two of them bond soon.

No one warned me about how hard it would be, emotionally, on a mother having 2 kids. You think I was a little sensitive when I was pregnant? Well, check me out now. Haha. I had a really hard time splitting my attention between the two without feeling guilty that I was not with the other one. BUT since Koby has gotten better so have I:)  Life is not a breeze yet, but we are progressing!

And let me tell you life not being pregnant is amazing! You forget what it feels like to bend over, paint your toes comfortably, sleep on your stomach, exercise, etc.- all without a baby attached to you (on the inside). It's great! The recovery has almost been too easy. I am back to exercising already and it feels good!

Last night was my first night with 2 kids and without James home. We survived! I think we are going to make it:)

Oh and James' Run For Innocence t-shirts are here and they look really good! He's pretty excited.