Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rock Star

The Halloween costumes for kids I've seen lately have been around 30 bucks! We decided to get creative and come up with a cheap Halloween costume(that fits our budget). I used a diaper box, paint, thread, brads, and an old paint-stirring stick to make Koby a guitar. I used some old extension hair and sewed it to a bandana for Rock Star hair.We spent $3.00 on Rock Star tattoos....

Total cost of Halloween costume: $3.00 

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tie Dye Ninja

This is how James entertains Koby...

 It must be rough putting yourself to sleep.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cause for concern...


Koby walks better in heels than his mommy.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Arts and Crafts

This weekend was spent Tie Dying with Em and Shane. I pulled one of Koby's onsies out from when he was three months to tie dye and what do you know, it fits him. I swear there needs to be universal sizes for baby clothes...ridiculous. Koby is modeling his cool tie dye onsies below...

Tuesday, while James was at school, Em came over with a box of peaches from Shane's Grandpa's farm. We made tons of Freezer Jam- Strawberry and peach. This is the first time my peach jam actually tastes sooo good(I cut back on the amount of lemon juice the recipe calls for). Last year my friend Catherine and I made tons of peach freezer jam- we put the amount of lemon juice the recipe called for, but it didn't turn out the best. James called it our 7 up jam(apparently the lemon juice made him think it tasted like 7 up). Now we are stocked with YUMMY jam for winter!

The last couple months we have painted and made our place more homey. This week I got crafty...I finished Koby's baby book(finally), almost completed last year's scrapbook, printed and hung pictures, and did some crafts for the wall.

Word on Koby at 19 months...as you can see below, he know most of his ABC's! Woohoo. He also counts like a champ. He knows Mommy and his eyes are blue and Daddy's are brown. He loves going to church -playing with cars and singing songs in nursery. He screams for about 60 seconds when we drop him off, but when we go to pick him up he puts up a fight, not wanting to leave. He loves to race. Running, cars, motorcyles, or on bikes-you name it he races it. The kid can haul on his bike now too. He also loves to "Clolor."

Koby talks in sentences on a daily basis, which make communication a breeze. Life is so much easier when you can reason with them. Why didn't anyone tell me 12-17 months is the hardest? Eighteen and nineteen months has been close to a breeze so far. We actually went out to eat with him this week and enjoyed our meal! He's such a little person now, it's so much fun. Oh and he also prays. We say very simple family prayers with him at night and he repeats most of what we tell him to say.

Koby and I go to the park on a daily basis. Last week we went to Scera Park in Orem. The slides are like 20 ft. tall. Koby is fearless. He climbs from the ground to the top of the play structure and slides down whether anyone is there to catch him or not. Crazy kid. What fun activities can I do with him for Winter?

In the last couple weeks we have been hiking and biking and boating. What a hard life huh? haha. We are really going to miss Summer.

On Labor Day we celebrated with going wake-boarding on Utah Lake(the water looks like muddy, pickle juice) with our friends the Mitchell's and Bennions. AND YES that is a picture below of Scott STANDING in the lake after he fell off his wake-board. Ty, Koby, and Nixon are such great buddies and it is fun to watch them play together. The mommy's - Kandis, Crystal, and I are such great friends too. Kandis started a Mommy-and-Me tumbling class on Tuesdays. This was the first week we went, but it was so much fun!

Koby's ABC's

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Counting Stars