Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Koby...

The other morning Koby was "talking"... or cooing I guess...aton. By the time I got the camera we only got the end of it. This isn't the most exciting video but it is for the grandparents!

Rach came over the other day and helped me stamp Koby's hand and foot print to scrapbook... it was a joke! By the time we were done he had blue ink all over his face too.

I know he is over the weight limit for the newborn diapers but they still fit him! He gains all his weight in his upper body and he still has no butt and chicken legs!

Last weekend we moved from Provo to Lehi. James' grandparents bought a 3 story house with a basement apartment that we are renting. It has 3 bedrooms! It also has a living room that is about 3x the size of our old one... we were able to buy couches now! Ill post pictures when it looks a little more set up. Here are some pictures of our old apartment though. Now Koby has his own room too - no more crib next to our bed!!

Our little apartment was great! We miss it. And believe it or not, we actually miss Provo too!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Weeks!

Two weeks:

Yesterday was the two week checkup... In two weeks Koby has grown 1 1/2 inches and he is now 8# 11 oz! The doctor's said his weight was in the 50th percentile, but thanks to James his head size is in the 80th percentile (along with his height). We must be doing it right because he is growing!

Koby is such a good baby. Whenever we change his diaper we tell him to straighten his legs and he does! haha. He stiffens them so they stick straight in the air. I'm trying to get a picture, but I keep failing - it's so funny!

On Tuesday my mom left to go back to Washington. She was here for almost 3 weeks and was VERY VERY helpful! We are missing all of her home-cooked meals, BUT she did leave us with a fridge/freezer full of food. Koby and I miss her- I think he gets bored of just me during the day. I am grateful to my dad and Em for letting my mom come that long. Thank you!

I caught him sleeping like this today... how cute! He looks so peaceful... little did I know he'd wake up screaming 2 minutes later because he peed through his clothes onto our bed!

Friday, February 6, 2009

The joys of a baby

Up for a 2 am feeding... thought I would post some pictures...

Who would have thought someone so small could poop so much! This is the second time we have changed the Genie!

Getting him sunlight...

After Koby eats he always smiles to show how satisfied he is! I caught this one on camera...

He loves his vibrating chair from Aunt Shannon...

Just after a sponge bath...

And last but not least... On Wednesday I was looking at his little feet and I noticed something for the first time... Koby has two partially webbed toes! Haha, how had we not noticed until he was 6 days old! They are kinda cute though...

He is a week old and he is already getting so big! James and I love being parents and we LOVE Koby!