Thursday, January 28, 2010

My little baby is growing up:(

Guess who turns one tomorrow ...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life's like a box of chocolates...

Monday was Emily's 19th birthday and as her home away from home... Emily, Koby, James, and I all celebrated it together. Poor girl had to go to the chiropractor for 3 1/2 hours with me on her big day:( The accident actually did a whole lot more damage then we first thought. For the next 5-8 months Em and I will be treated by the chiropractor. I've already had to go 4 times this week! It is making a world of difference though.

I will not even begin to go into our woes about our car. Lets just some it up by saying,7 months ago we had 2 great Honda Civics to our name and, by NO fault of our own, now we have none! Also, Utah drivers suck (and we are NOT Utah drivers). Oh and ALSO, Geico sucks - never, never sign up with them... even if "15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance". It's funny how they wanted to give us $700 LESS than the other lady's insurance. We are their clients!

James and I have learned so many life lessons in the past year. I wish we could have just read about them in a book, but apparently that's too easy for us. One of those lighter lessons learned...

Do not give your 1 year old a slice of cheesecake, thinking most of it will end up on the floor. If your baby is anything like Koby, he will eat the entire thing. He's a DeFreese - We like our sweets. I'm thinking I will forgo the tradition of giving him his own cake when he turns one, which is next Saturday!

I wish I got a good video of how crazy he was after the cheesecake,but I waited too long. Here's a video of the tail end of his craziness...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I need a vacation.

Anyone want an 11 month old? Koby and I brought a virus back with us from WA. I'm healed and I thought Koby was too, until 4 this morning...James and I probably had about 3 hours sleep last night. Maybe? I'm going crazy.

Anyways. In spite of what WA gave us, Christmas was great. The whole family was home and it was so much fun. We all sat on the stairs Christmas morning, just like when we were kids, waiting for my parents to" check if Santa came". Christmas is so much more fun when you have a kid. And Santa didn't forget Koby:)

The Snuggie. Are you wondering why the heck everyone you have talked to got a Snuggie for Christmas this year? Well, Wonder no more. Emily and James got Sean and I Snuggies for Christmas, partly as a joke. Well, I don't know how Sean's is working out, but I know there has not been a day/night that my Snuggie has not been used. Its a blanket with sleeves! I wish I would have thought to put my robe on backwards and make millions.

Rachelle took some family photos for us this Christmas too. It was really nice of her and we got some good ones. See Below.

So, another reason I need a vacation... Last Saturday, some crazy lady caused a three-car accident. I was one of those three cars. She made an illegal left hand turn, forgetting to yield, and ran into the man in the lane next to me who swerved and cut right in front of my car. We missed him but hit the lady's car. My first official accident, I must say it was less scary than I thought. I am so thankful Koby stayed home with James, but poor Emily had a minor war wound or two (some swollen knees, sore neck, etc.) I'm grateful no one was seriously injured. I feel bad for the lady. She must feel awful. I think I'll be driving even more carefully now:) So 500 dollars later, a new car seat, and a rental car.... We are praying the lady's insurance will hurry up and give us our money back.

I've decided James and I have bad luck. haha. But at least we have a great family:) What more could we ask for?