Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Fun

James has a wonderful job at Goldman Sachs.We are so blessed. There is only one tiny downfall... Money doesn't sleep and the stock market rarely closes. Unfortunately, this year James only gets 1 1/2 days off for Christmas...which means no travelling for us. Boo! Even though I'm really missing family, we feel lucky to have so many great friends here in Utah that make Christmas time special.

This Christmas is especially fun because of Koby's excitement. He is finally old enough to understand what's going on. He has learned all about "Jesus' birthday". Lately, he has been making "nests" (mangers) out of blankets when he goes to sleep. It's pretty interesting what details kids choose to remember the most.

Koby wrote a letter to Santa this year and what do you think he asked for? I'll give you a hint...

That's right, "games" and "guys". 

He is so proud he wrote most of his letter all by himself.
And of course Linc wants anything to do with the Disney Cars characters. Our neighbor let Lincoln borrow a big McQueen toy for a day last week. He never let it out of his sight.

Last Saturday the boys got to meet Santa at our church's Christmas breakfast. Lincoln, of course, didn't care for the jolly old man...

Koby was a little intimidated, but I think he enjoyed the experience...

"I will tell Santa I am good, but sometimes I don't like to share my toys."

Since we have now lived in our house for over a year, this Christmas we actually have friends in our neighborhood. I can't even count the amount of goodies that have been delivered to us this last week. Yesterday I was up to my elbows in peanut brittle trying to give back to our neighbors. Add our neighborhood treats to the dozens of Christmas cookies we made with the Finch's and you got yourself some sugar high Huntington's. Needless to say James and I are plumping up a bit, but at least we feel loved!

Yesterday I found my new favorite ornament on the tree.  Lincoln has broken half of our ornaments and I guess Koby was tired of a bare tree. Yesterday I found captain hook getting good use out of his hook.

M: "Koby! Linc! Quit playing with the ornaments!"
K: " We are just pretending they are our punching bags mom!"

It will be a miracle if any of our Christmas ornaments last through the holiday.

Merry Christmas Everyone!