Saturday, September 19, 2009


Friday, September 11, 2009

Where's Daddy?

Koby knows the word Daddy. He always looks for James when I say " Where's Daddy?" and he says dada... I don't think it is intentional yet, but I am sure it will be his first word! He looooves his daddy.

He has 1 tooth, with its neighboring tooth about to break free - I don't think I was prepared enough for life with a cranky little teether. You know my dad's friend had a baby born with his teeth. Although a little creepy... I think I might like that?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gooodbye Summer...

August came and so did visits from family! Sherry and Emily moved here and started school this week. Unfortunately that means Rach has moved to Pittsburgh! It's only been a few days, but we DO miss her!

Koby started to army crawl at 6 1/2 months. At 6 3/4 months he got the crawl perfected and it only took him another day or two to learn how to pull himself to a stand. He LOVES to hold our hands and run around the room! I sure hope he doesn't start walking soon...

Last night I got a wonderful night sleep (until about 6)! Koby is getting the hang of the whole sleep thing. Of course now that I say this, I'm asking for a bad night. His first tooth is peeking out! Poor kid has a constant runny nose. I never knew teething would be such a pain. And apparently each time a new tooth comes is bad?

Yesterday was our first official day with one car. And of course I had a last minute soccer game I had to be at while James was at work...with our carseat... We NEED another car! Anyone feeling generous?