Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Top 10 things I am grateful for this year:

1. James. James has worked 24 days straight this month. It's been rough, I miss him. We've had the best 5 years together!

2.The Boys. I am so lucky to be a mom. The job involves tears, screams, tantrums, no sleep, pee/poo, no privacy, and 24 hour commitment, but it also includes laughs, hugs, entertainment, smiles, excitement, and love.

3.Family. I am lucky with this one! My parents rock. I must have a good family if I still love to talk to them on a daily basis!  My siblings are my best friends. I only wish I lived closer to them. I am extra lucky I married into the Huntington family too, they love me like their own:)

4.The church. It is so nice to know you are never alone. Even moving to a new place, having the church provides instant support and friends.

5.Emily. I don't have many friends and I rarely see the ones I do have. Although I tricked her into giving me the best barbies everyday growing up and then decided not to play when it was her turn with them(I know, so mean), Emily still loves me. If we haven't talked in a few days she calls just to say she misses me. I am grateful she's my best friend. I am so lucky she lives close to me.

6.Our House. Thank heavens for our house. Even if it is in Utah, James and I thank God every night to be on our own in this house.

7.Our car/motorcycle. We have the worst luck with cars! However, we have had some great modes of transportation the last year and a half. No engines dying, car accidents, or people stealing them..Knock on wood.

8. James' Jobs. James is a hard worker and he had two steady jobs right now. Coming from experience with not having a good job, I am so grateful he has two!

9.Great Health...and Tony. Oh Tony I love you. Thank you for providing me with a great workout program that I can do with Koby and Lincoln. And thank you for helping me lose all but 3 of my pregnancy pounds thus far!

10.Nap time. Even though it is nap time right now and I can hear Koby jumping on his bed, I am grateful for nap time. which also leads me to be extra grateful for child proof door locks. Nap time keeps me in the running for becoming a...

*Bonus: I am grateful for my healthy new love, Sweet Potatoes.Where have you been all my life?

God blesses us so much:)

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rjd said...

And we are Thankful for you too.....