Saturday, January 17, 2015

Baby Kai - 2 1/2 Months

These pictures are from August 24-29th, 2014: Kai is 2 1/2 months. He is an angel baby! He is sweet, and happy. God sure blessed me with this good sleeper too! He only wakes up 1-2 times at night. I can handle that. His smile is infectious with his squinty little eyes. When he smiles, we all smile.

Love this baby.


Koby started Kindergarten in August! His Teacher is Mrs. Bok. She is a great teacher.

Koby started school about a week or so late. The kids in his class were so excited for "the new kid" to come. And Koby really enjoyed being that guy. Kindergarten is full day down here, 8:10-2:38 Mon-Fri. It was an exhausting first week for our little guy.  When we picked him up after his first day, he asked us, "Can we just go home and take a nap?  I am exhausted."  He has adjusted since then and so have we. Koby needs to be entertained and busy all the time. School is perfect for him.

Koby was really lucky his Aunt Emily was in town and got to take him to school with us on his first day.

We met some awesome friends the first couple days we were here, the Taylor's and the Nielson's. We all walk to and from school together everyday. Three moms, and seven kids. We sure are a sight when we walk!

Here are his school pictures:

Here were our his cheesy practice pictures in the morning.
We sure have a cute little Kindergartener!

First week in L.A.

Just a few days after we arrived in Los Angeles, Aunt Emily came to visit us! We took a break from unpacking...Unpacking-what a pain that was with two little boys in a tiny apartment and a baby that wanted attention. Anyways, we took a break from our unpacking and went out to explore the sites with Aunt Emily. Having just moved here, we didn't really know where to go, but we still had fun!

James' family came down that same weekend for a little visit too. They were only there for a day or so, but it was a nice visit. We had fun experiencing Santa Monica Pier for the first time and played on the beach together.

Southern California is a good place to live- people will always come visit us...for the beach!


At the end of July, the boys and I said our goodbyes to all of our Utah friends and family and headed up to Washington for a visit. James drove us up and stayed for a day or two. Then, he headed back to Utah for his last week of work and to pack up the moving truck. James' dad was sweet enough to go to Utah and help James drive the truck to LA.  James said when they got to LA it was crazy driving a moving van, which was towing our Mazda, around the streets. He said it was like driving a cruise ship down the Provo River.

After James and Darrell moved us into our new little apartment in LA, James flew back to WA to be with me and the boys.  So you know us and our amazing luck with cars (sarcasm...). Well, while we were in Washington, our beautiful 2008 Ford Edge stopped working. The computer went out in it(JUST our luck) and the car would have cost us $8,000.00 to fix. EXTREMELY long story short, after being stranded in Washington for two extra weeks, with all of our belongings in LA, we finally were able to trade in our broken Ford to Ford. We now are on EIGHTH mode of transportation in our EIGHT years of marriage. I don't know who cursed us at our wedding, but we sure have some bad luck with cars. Anyway, we now have a Ford Explorer. It works great for our family of five, with the extra seats in the back. It's also a 2015 so lets all knock on wood and hope that means a change of luck for our family.

While we were in Washington, our closing date for our house kept getting pushed back and back and back... Finally it closed! We loved that little house and our wonderful neighborhood. Hopefully the new owners love it just as much.

The kids especially enjoyed our long Washington visit. They had fun everyday with their cousins! We sure miss them all and Koby and Linc still ask almost everyday when we get to go back to Washington.

It was a long drive up to Washington with a 7 week old baby.
Kai meeting Grandpa for the first time
Koby doing "cannon bombs"

Linc and Ivy.  

Visiting with my friends from high school.
Kendra Monroe and her baby bump. Kaylie Ammundson and her two cute kids.
Koby and Ethan
This is the trip that weened Linc from naps.

Wrestle time with Uncle Matt.
Stanwood Fair

Kai loves his Aunts and Uncles. (Shannon and Kai)

Grandma getting grandkid love.

Impromptu swim at the beach. 

Lincoln loved living outside at grandma and grandpa's.

Such big boys. Koby, Ethan, Eli, and Ryder
A sweet picture of Rachel and Charlie 
The grandkids- Charlie, Linc, Koby, Eli, Ethan, Ryder, with Audri and Kai in front.
Charlie and Linc enjoying summer.

Bike ride!
Kai and Audri out for a jog
Linc and Charlie love trains. They loved the train ride at the Stanwood-Camano Fair
Koby being goofy

Kai and Grandpa
I wasn't the best at taking pictures. I realize I don't have many pictures of Eli, Eve, Micah, Ryder, Matt, and Shannon. BUT we had so much fun with them all. I sure love my family.

After our long visit, we started the drive to LA. First, we drove to Vancouver/Portland area and stayed with the Quigley's for a couple days. We played at the park, visited the zoo, etc. It was a fun stay!

Next, we drove from Vancouver to Elk Grove. There we stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Huntington for a couple days. After a short little visit we hopped in the car and drove the last 5 1/2 hours to LA. When we arrived, I was a little culture shocked. It was crazy driving around the busy streets and even crazier moving in to a little apartment on the third floor with three little boys. However, we began exploring and adjusted quickly to this crazy, fun city life. It makes a world of difference when you live just 10 minutes away from the beach!! We sure are beach people :)

And that concludes our eventful move from Eagle Mountain to Los Angeles.