Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do all kids love Ketchup this much?

Yes he has his shirt off again. White Trash, I know.


Steve and Janelle are the first of our friends to move away:( Janelle got into Duke for her PA. Yay! Sad day for us though. I guess you won't always live 10 minutes from your best friends. Yesterday we had one last get together...

Koby and Anna are best friends. They get along better than any little kids I know. They never fight and always kiss each other goodbye. The last couple times we have had to pry Koby away from her. You can hear him screaming a mile away, "Annaaaaaaaaaaa" as we have to drag his arching, little body to the car.

So in this picture James is about to eat it! The boys were having some kind of He-Man Competition. You think we go to the park for the kids...

Tomorrow we are off to Washington for some surfing and family fun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OK, last one I promise...

This is James and Emily's favorite! Emily was crying Sunday night watching this... Watch the WHOLE thing.

We should all appreciate nature as much as this guy! Haha.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Need a laugh?

Holy cow. This is hilarious. Sometimes I wonder if James really works. He showed me this today and I can't stop watching it...

Check out the Old Spice guy on You Tube first...

Then watch this guy from BYU...

Monday, July 12, 2010


I don't know which one of us broke that stinkin' mirror. I have more car woes to add to our list...

-Rear view mirror fell off, bought a kit to fix it, won't go back on
-Walked in the garage yesterday to find a flat tire on our other car

More woes...

-Our camera is randomly broken(You CAN'T live without a camera)
-My flat iron caught on fire yesterday, while I was straightening my hair!! That's right FIRE!

I swear we take really good care of our stuff. We are just cursed. I thought with James' new job it meant we learned plenty of money lessons and we would finally be able to stop going backwards. Wrong. With our luck we will probably have five kids and still be renting a basement apartment... Haha!

I guess we're pretty lucky though. Stuff is just stuff. I'd live in a paper box with James if that's what it takes:)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

High Maintenance

Before Koby can settle down for a nap, he has to have his toys with him. He whimpers, "Bike, Bike" I give him his bike... Then,"Tar, Tar...Montey, Montey, etc." Today, he asked for a stinkin HIPPO! So he is in his crib, sleeping with a bath toy that I didn't think he knew existed.

The other day I put his music on and bundled Koby up and he says, "Sing." I said, "Koby Mommy doesn't sing." He said, "Mommy, Sing!!"

Today was the first day of nursery... YAY! He lasted 30 minutes. I almost forgot what church was like without chasing a little stinker around. Next week we are shootin for 45 minutes:)

By the way, I got a glimpse of Nursery today...God bless those special leaders!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bad Luck

I don't know which one of us broke the mirror, but when it comes to cars we are cursed. Get this...
in the last year, we have...

- had a car stolen
-had a lady total our car
-had a rental car's window break on us
-ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere Nevada
-had roof shingles fly off in a wind storm and leave tar/scrape marks on our new car

and the most recent...

-Thursday night we headed to Carlsbad, CA to stay with a friend for the fourth. About 3 am(just 2 hours from our destination) our car engine dies in the middle of the freeway. Somehow James managed to get it to the side of the road. We got towed to the most ghetto exit in Barstow, CA, luckily we were close to town so the towing was only $150. We paid $60 for a three hour hotel stay. Poor Koby only got a total of 6 hours sleep that night:( but he was an angel the next day. We then wasted an entire day hanging out in a McDonalds and a Burger King waiting for our car that was being fixed by a guy with no teeth(so you couldn't even ask questions). At one point we saw a sign that said, "Barstow Mall", we walked to it and were VERY disappointed. A new fuel pump and $600 later we were on our way for our shortened vacation.
Just our luck!
An unexpected incident- $810.00.
A weekend on the beach - Priceless...

Here are some pictures of our wonderful weekend with Hoopes, and Dehn and Catherine and their kids. Hoopes lives RIGHT across the street from the beach! Although it was overcast most of the weekend, we had a blast(other than having a Possum almost bite my head off).
Koby and Anna played sooo well together. All I hear now that we are back is "Annnnaaaaaa, Annnnaaaaa".