Saturday, November 12, 2011

5 1/2 Months

It is fun to compare these two. Their personalities are so different. Koby is definitely a mini Megan. Lincoln is definitely a mini James.

Koby is so much fun, he is full of life, rarely sits still, and will keep us running all day. It is rare to find a picture of Koby as a baby not smiling. The kid would laugh at the wall if you set him in front of it(which really makes timeout pointless, haha). He is always so energetic and happy to be awake. He is our entertaining little ball of energy. He is full of love and will let you know!

Linc is our sweet, relaxed little one that will snuggle on his mommy's lap all day long:) I was hoping for this. He is usually calm and enjoys observing what is going on around(mainly Koby being Koby). One thing I love about Lincoln is, if you make eye contact and smile at him his entire face will smile back at you-his eyes disappear and his dimples pop out! It makes me feel warm all over and it makes it impossible to be annoyed at him when he won't go back to sleep at 5:45a.m.

They couldn't be more different and they couldn't be more loved.