Sunday, April 27, 2014

Zip Lining, Shooting, and Other Fun Stuff

A few Mondays ago, I took the day off to spend some time with the family and Megan’s parents, who were in town.  It was a pretty awesome day.  We went out to all-you-can-eat sushi for lunch which makes any day an awesome day!  It was Randy’s first time going out for sushi, and I am glad he was able to find a couple rolls that he liked.

After sushi, Emily and Shane took us zip lining.  Megan decided to stay home… apparently zip lining while pregnant is frowned upon.  I took Koby and Lincoln with me. Megan’s parents and her Uncle Pete (and his kids-Chandler, Conner, and Gage) came up too.

Just enjoying the ride up the canyon

Koby decided that he wanted to go down the zip lines by himself.  He did great!  I am surprised that he was ok going alone, those runs are long and you get going pretty fast.

Listening to Uncle Shane's instructions

Everyone had a great time.  Everyone that is, except Lincoln.  I went with him every time.  The first time down, he was facing out, and I could see him covering his eyes about half way through.  I didn’t think too much of it, as he didn’t seem too shaken up once we got to the next platform.  On the next run, he held on to me pretty tight as Emily got us all set up to go.  I decided to hold him facing me.  He closed his eyes again, but didn’t really whine or anything.  However, this time while we waited on the platform, he kept asking me if we could go to back to the car.  Unfortunately the platform didn’t have a ladder and the only way back was to go one another run.  This time I could tell he was pretty scared.  He grabbed on to me and barely loosened up enough for us to get all hooked up.  When we were going down, he held on to me so tight that his helmet was digging into my eye.  I didn’t have the best depth perception, so I couldn’t really tell when I needed to stop.  I think Shane had to catch me on that one.  I felt so bad though, I could see his face as we went down, and I could tell he was downright terrified.  I was going to make that our last run and just hike the rest of the way down, but the trail was pretty steep and we only had one more run to go.  I felt so bad, but I had to make him go down one more time.  Needless to say he wasn’t happy about that.  This time, as Emily got us set up, Linc was pushing me away so that he could get away.  Well, we made it down and Linc didn’t have a heart attack, and man was he happy to see the car.  I guess next time I take him, we will make sure he is ok with it first.  Other than that though, it was a great time.  It was a good day off.

Here are a few more pictures from the day.

Anyway, Megan's parent were here from about a week and a half.  It was a lot of fun having them stay with us.  The boys definitely had a ton of fun with their grandparents.

The day before Randy and Laura left, went all went shooting.  Laura was nice enough to watch the kids so Megan could come up and shoot too.  We definitely needed to get ready for the zombie apocalypse... I may be watching too much Walking Dead.

Thanks Randy!


It was a great week and a half.  We always love having family in town and hope to see everyone again soon!

This is completely random, but lately Lincoln has been wearing goggles everywhere... even to bed.  And on that note, I am done.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Skiing with Aunt Emily

In March, Emily took Koby skiing.  Both Megan and I were surprised that she would take on such an endeavor, but Koby had a great time!  The kid is pretty lucky to have such an awesome aunt.  Apparently Koby was having a good time talking to the “lifties,” and needed to say hi to them every time he and Emily got on the ski lift.  Koby is such a friendly kid, that is one of the many things I admire about him.

Thanks Emily!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Sherry and Cameron's Wedding

We are a little late with this post, but better late than never.  Sherry and Cameron got married on March 22, at the Draper Temple.  It was great to be with family and most of all, to see them get sealed in the temple.  We couldn’t be happier for both of them.  It has been fun to see the changes Sherry and Cameron have made in their lives to prepare them for where they are now.  I don't know if I have ever seen a happier couple on their wedding day.

Sherry and Cameron, we love you guys!  Cameron, welcome to the family, and thanks for making Sherry happier than I have ever seen her in her entire life.  Sherry, it’s been amazing to see how much you have grown over the past few years and the type of person you have become.  We are so proud of you!