Thursday, August 19, 2010

Just sitting in the livingroom...

...and this walked in.Yesterday James had a Basketball tournament for work. The whole time I struggled to keep Koby near me and acting somewhat normal. A few kids around us, that were near Koby's age, just sat calmly on their parents laps watching the games. On the way home James made a good point. Koby may be an active little guy and a little difficult in public, but it sure makes him fun at home. My days are never boring:)

ALSO, on Wednesday, James and I were talking in the car and we heard Koby counting to himself. We stopped talking and listened. He counted to 8 all by himself! Who taught him that? We never go past 5. He must have learned it from Sesame Street...

He now says, "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,14,15,19"

Smarty Pants. He's gonna be a doctor. Or maybe the President.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


When we were on vacation in CA a month ago James, Koby, and I took a walk on the beach. Koby was riding on James' shoulders as we walked. All of a sudden Koby just leans down and says into James' ear,"Happy." Later that day I was carrying him and he looked up into my eyes and said, "happy."

Today at church, the nursery lady brought him to me for a diaper change. As he was calmly laying there he said, "Mommy"..... "Nursery, Happy". Sweet little guy.

It's fun to see Koby grow each day. Last week Koby came to get me for our prayer. He walked into my room and said..."Mommy. Hand. Want it. Mommy. Pray." That's practically a sentence:)

Thanks Shane!!!!

Koby's favorite things in life are sports, rocks, and SAND. Em's boyfriend Shane brought us some free sand from his work this week. He thought it would be awesome if Koby had a sandbox...

With permission from the grandparents, a lot of hard work, and Shane's expertise, Koby now has a sandbox! He loves it!

Thanks to Shane and Emily for all thier help AND for sacrificing their Saturday!


I waited too long to post, so now it'll be done in a nutshell...Sorry!

The end of July took us to Washington for some fun with the family. It was probably the busiest WA trip we've been on. The family....
- Celebrated my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary
-Had a Nebeker family reunion (with James's favorite thing- Matching T-shirts! )
-Went on an awesome surfing camp out with my family
-Went crabbing
-Celebrated Nicki and Joseph's wedding with them
-Shared Micah and Eli's birthdays with them

Here is the most important thing, the pictures... I don't have the surfing pictures yet, but we surfed!! James, Micah, Emily, and I went surfing - So much fun! James and Emily surfed two days strait. BRR. And Matt discovered his new love - Skimboarding. My favorite part was sitting around the campfire late into the night talking. I love family:)