Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Road Trip

Last week we went to visit James' family in Sacramento. Other than a few feeding interruptions, Koby slept pretty much the entire way there and back. 75 degree weather all week...not bad! It was nice because we were able to go running together every day while James' mom or sister watched Koby.

While we were there Koby experienced his first dip in the hot tub with his grandpa (Don't worry the water was colder than his baths). Although a little confused, he loved it - just like his baths.


This was part of a baby gift from Aunt Debbie. It looks just like something Darrell wears, haha.

The Silva's cat. Biggest cat I have ever seen. When he stands on his back 2 legs he looks like a little person.

Koby and James.

Koby rockin his hat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Naked Boys.....

We bought a scale this week. Koby is a chuuuunk! He is already over 11 lbs. Haha.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A new experience...

The other day I had Koby on my lap at the computer and I began to feel warm on my lap. I thought it was just his warm little bum, but when he began to fuss and I moved him, I noticed he had pooed through his diaper and even his blanket onto my pajama pants! I took his diaper off , cleaned him, and moved him to the side for ONE second to move the dirty blanket...I then felt something warm on my hip - he was peeing on me. What a fun experience!

Yesterday I had him standing on my lap and he started to walk up my stomach - Smart little guy!

We are going to Washington in April for a visit and we decided it would mean more to get Koby blessed up there instead of here in Utah. James' parents are driving up too! We are excited for the rest of our family to meet him.

We are loving living in Lehi. We see Rachel and Lisa more than we ever did even though they both live in Provo! Also, James is able to wake up early and go workout with my uncle at the AF gym. I started working out again too a couple weeks ago. Man am I out of shape! We bought a Jillian Michaels (from the biggest loser) DVD, a Bob Harper Yoga DVD, and a Billy Blanks Taebo DVD - I recommend them all!! I am determined to get back into shape. I am amazed how your body goes back though after pregnancy/labor. I feel great and can't wait to start playing soccer again with James...that is once I can run longer than five minutes without getting a side ache!

Here are some more recent pictures ... He's getting so big!

Playing with Dad.