Friday, July 13, 2012

The boys...

This is just a random blog about the boys, but both Koby and Lincoln are at fun ages and I would be sad if I didn't document their little big personalities at this age.

LINCOLN (13 months):

Linc sure is showing his personality lately...

Linc has become obsessed with shoes. The moment he wakes up, he waddles over and gets his favorite pair of flip flops. I put them on...he is content... he marches off to play. However, if one should fall off, it is the end of the world as he knows it!

He still loves to play all by himself...but he sure loves to get snuggled. Oh but not by you...he definately has stranger danger.
Linc loves to play Peek-a-Boo and sweep the floors...or just try to eat the food I sweep into my pile. Little stinker! 
Even though he is a chill kid, he has a big personality.  
Taking after his big brother, he too loves the water...which definitely makes summer fun:) 

KOBY (3 1/2):

Koby is getting so big! Well kind of, he still wears 2T shorts. Linc is wearing swim shorts that Koby wore just a few months ago. haha. He is a smart little guy. We pretty much have real people conversations all the time now. He can write many letters of the alphabet. He is constantly asking us to spell things...."dad, spell stop sign", "mom spell puppy dog". Maybe that is why he is so good at spelling too..."mom, L-i-n-c spells Linc. D-a-d spells dad..."  I love his imagination. He sings all the time. He is a fun, social, crazy, active, loving kid. He gives us kisses and hugs all day long:)

There is this nice little boy, Xander, that lives down the street. Xander is 8 1/2. Koby is 3 1/2. They are pretty much best buddies. Xander comes over on a daily basis to play with Koby. They both like Wipeout and had a Wipeout party last night. I should have got a picture it was cute.  Yesterday Xander said he didn't really play with one of his neighbors because the kid is only 4. I said you know Koby is 3 1/2. He looked really surprised and said, "what? He seems much older-He talks alot! And he's fun!" haha. Koby can play with kids of all ages.

Koby is a swimmer! From the moment we saw his little webbed toe we knew he would be. He can hold his breath for about 6 seconds. In fact he has been "rescued" twice already because people don't know he is just holding his breath and "swimming" underwater. He goes down the kid water slides at 7 peaks all by himself over and over and OVER again. He doesn't even want us to catch him or anything. His water skills sure make it alot easier taking 2 kids to the pool!
On another note, we sure have had a fun time Skyping with family in Japan lately. We can't wait to see everyone in 2 short weeks! I need to hurry and learn some appropriate Japanese, not the stuff James thought it would be funny if I said. 

He's so Asian:)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We are so mature.

We discovered how to photoshop. Haha. It is very entertaining.