Sunday, September 1, 2013

Summer Road-trip: Day 1

At 4 a.m. on Saturday, August 3rd, James, me, and the boys began our longest road trip ever! In two weeks, our little family drove over 3,300 miles and spent about 65 hours in the car.

James and I were pleasantly surprised at how amazing Koby and Linc did on the drive. At one point on our journey, we were stuck in the middle of the desert in some major traffic.We barely made it 9 miles in 6 hours! And guess what? Our kids did not whine once.

Even though the kids did so well, you couldn't pay me to drive that much again. 

Day 1: We started the drive super early in the morning and were able to make it to my sister, Rachel and brother-in-law Sean's house in Sunnyside, Washington by about 2 in the afternoon. We are so happy we were able to stop and stay with them for a day. They live surrounded by cornfields in a little farm town. It was beautiful! While we were there we were spoiled too. Rach does hair and swapped doing her friend's hair in exchange for her friend to take our family's pictures. How sweet is my sister?! 

Having woken our boys up at 3:45 in the morning, the family picture taking experience was a difficult one. Linc would not smile for anything or anyone! We managed to get one good family shot(with red-faced Linc) before he kicked mud up the front of my outfit! 

Rach came along and was a major help. She sure was able to get Koby laughing. Koby definitely loves a camera.

Being entertained by Aunt Rach

After the muddy field we headed to the canal to see if some rock throwing would get Linc to lighten up. I'm so glad we got one good shot of the little stinker!  :)

Mr. Grumpy Gills

Cute Linc about to throw a rock.

James and I had to take some cheesy couple pictures...we are soo not the mushy, photogenic, romantic type but I gotta post them anyway...
We were laughing too much to look cute.
This is the try not to laugh look.

 Anyways, the photographer was amazing. She got some great pictures and had them all ready for us in less that 24 hrs! We are very very grateful. 

We headed back to Rach and Sean's for some more hangout time and a good night sleep. 

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rjd said...

And a fun time was had by all.....when ya coming back? We miss you guys.