Thursday, September 12, 2013


This big guy started preschool on August 20th. He went in like a champ and never looked back. Later that day I asked him about his day at preschool...

M: "Koby did you miss me today while you were in preschool?"
K: "What does 'miss you' mean again mom?"
M: "It means you wish you could be with someone when they are away from you."
K: "Mom, I didn't miss you today. I had a super fun time without you in preschool!"

Koby loves people, crafts, and learning new things. Therefore, he loves school. He is a smart kid :) I am so glad he has the opportunity to go this year.

Meanwhile, while Mr. Social is at school I get to enjoy some one-on-one time with this little man...

We run errands a lot... man going to the store is easier with just one kid. While the weather is still nice we also go to the park together. Linc is a fun little guy and I sure love my play dates with him. He has been talking more and more. He has a deep, raspy voice and can get me to follow him anywhere when he says, "Come on mom."

LOVE these two.

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rjd said...

So cool you have a preschooler now.
You might find a little extra time in the day for Mommy time now as well.