Sunday, July 21, 2013


The fourth of July was a fun-filled day. We started bright and early at the good ol' Provo parade. 

The Bennion's were so nice to share their awesome parade watching spot and doughnuts with us and the Mitchell's. What good friends we have! Even though the majority of the parade participants happen to be high-school bands and Miss Utah pageant girls, it was a fun parade. The kids especially had a good time. We went through at least 10 things of pop-its and a few too many doughnuts.

After the parade and a picnic at the Bennion's, we headed over to Shane and Emily's. The park behind their house does some kind of Colonial exhibit/event. We got to check out some interesting people in interesting costumes. We also learned how to make wooden buckets, clay bowls, and woven baskets. Normally this type of thing isn't my thing, but we actually did have a lot of fun. And I may need to take a pottery class now.

After the park and some good long naps, we headed back to Provo/Orem once again for some fireworks. Of course we went with two of our favorite people, Em and Shane. They sure knew a good fireworks-watching spot. It was a grassy, fenced-in field on the bench of Orem and it has a perfect view of The Stadium of Fire. 

My phone kind of stinks when it comes to taking pictures at night. Once again, we ate too many unhealthy treats, and by the looks of it, had waaay too much fun with Sparklers...

It was a good night. I sure am grateful to live in this free country!

The following Saturday the Mitchell's invited us, the Finch's, and the Bennion's on their boat for some wake-boarding. It was the best boat day ever. Every time we stopped to switch wake-boarders, We all would jump into the lake for a swim. It made the day so fun swimming with all the kids off the back of the boat. 

And yes, my picture taking skills on a boat need some work too.

After this outing I am convinced we need a boat. 

This month we bought Linc a big boy bed. Remember back to all the drama when we put Koby in a big boy bed? We had to child lock the door...he would cry...and he would fall asleep by his door...etc. Well it sure had been a breeze switching Linc. He naps just as well and he doesn't even get out of his bed in the morning without us coming in to get him. What an easy little sleeper! I got the boys some-what matching bedspreads since we will be buying them a bunk bed and they will be sharing a room probably soon.

Linc may be an easy sleeper, but you know what is not easy? Getting him dressed. This is what he looks like most days after I have won "the battle"...

But who could be frustrated with the little guy when most of the time he looks like this...

I have obviously made it well into the random part of the blog. So why stop now. Koby has finally transitioned into the shirt and tie club for church. By the end of church we can usually find him with his shirt untucked and wrinkled, and with his tie pulled clear down to his knees, but atleast he starts out cute :)


rjd said...

Hey what a wonderful summer you're having. Good Times w/ Good Friends!

Evelyn Defreese said...

Gosh love pics, we are excited to see you guys soon.