Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Road-trip: Day 2-6

Sunday we were able to go to church with Sean and Rach. James went to Primary with Koby for a little bit; afterwards he told me that Koby had volunteered to go up to the front and sing a solo. haha. I wish I could have seen that!

The week before our vacation I cracked part of my tooth. Sean, being my sweet brother-in-law who happens to be a dentist, offered to fix it while we were in Sunnyside. So, after church, James Sean and I went in to Sean's office. James got to play the roll of Dr. Sean's assistant and together they fixed my tooth. Well mainly Sean ;) Sean also taught us a lot about teeth and how to be a dentist. It was definitely a fun experience.

Shane and Em started driving to Washington that Sunday. They met up with us at the Quigley's and together we began the rest of our drive up north to my parent's house.

We stayed at my parent's house from Sunday until Friday morning. The days are a little jumbled together for me, but I can say with certainty, this was the best vacation with family we've had yet. Everyone was happy and healthy, the kids played together so well, and we did everything as a group - kids included! Some of our activities are in the pictures to follow.

We played card games, bocce-ball, and baseball. We went on a big family bike ride, exercised together, and went swimming at the lake. Koby and his cousins were having so much fun together that Grandma even volunteered to host a sleepover with all the little boys. They had a blast running around in the dark playing Huckle-Buckle-Beanstalk with flashlights. She even let them all sleep on Grandma and Grandpa's bedroom floor-haha.

Lovin' the trampoline.

Koby was the last one to wake up after Grandma's sleepover. They wore him out!

The "bikers"
Cousins :)
A deer just roaming around our yard.

Beautiful Washington

 I loved every minute of our Camano Island trip.


rjd said...

Wow makes me want to visit there someday.....oh I live there-oops! Wish you did too ;)

Aaron and Devon said...

Gotta love it when a vacation turns out perfect!