Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summer Road-trip: Day 7-9

Friday morning the whole family (minus Matt, who unfortunately had to work) headed down south for a camping trip. We went to Westport, WA for a fun surfing trip. This surf trip was especially for James. He loved it.

Ryder, being the oldest of the grand kids, really wanted to try surfing too. James took him out and they had a blast surfing together! Sean, Em, Shane, James, Ryder, and Micah were our surfers. They were the crazies that stayed in the icy cold water all day.

We played on the beach for two days straight. The kids had a blast with each other and their freedom to run.

I would blog more, but the pictures say it all :)

So excited to run on the beach after a long car ride

Charlie and Linc

The baseball group

Grandma and Koby

Rach and Audri

This is right before Linc rubbed sand in both of his eyes!!

The little explorers
The wonderful toddlers :)

James and Sean

We are grateful for Grandma and all her pictures

James and Ryder going out to surf

Crazy Eli and crazy Charlie

Sweet baby Audri


Everyone loves Grandpa

Shannon and Megan

Eli skimboardin'

Grandma and Audri

Linc had a traumatic experience getting sand washed out of his eyes

Baseball game

Eli hitting the ball


Em is up to bat

Cutest kids ever

Shane and Em in their beautiful hoods :)

Ethan, so happy his kite is flying :)

Grandpa teaching them how to fly a kite

Shan and Eli


Micah and Eve building the kids a sand castle

Linc fell asleep eating his chips




The Quigley's getting their exercise on

Sweet Ivy

We all had sand in our diapers...

Uncle James and Ry

He's up!

The three amigos

Sean and Megan competing in "the plank challenge"

Micah and Eve :)

Sean taught us how to toast bagels...
...Micah decided to add cream cheese...of course he dropped it in the fire and...
made EVERYONE's day!
Linc. He is just happy to be alone.

Handsome Grandpa
Shane on the Jetty
Pretty lady

Too soon it was Sunday and time to leave. I sure do miss this crazy bunch! I can't wait until our next family vacation. This one was the best.

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rjd said...

Only in Washington do you have to wear winter clothes for a summer beach trip. hahahahaha