Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September Wrap-up

My boys love Curious George, both the books and the show.  The other day Koby came into the bathroom, where I was hurrying to get ready, and asked if he could make a "puppet show" with me. I said later because I really needed to get ready. He went off and came back a few minutes later with a box..."

Mom, I went in the garage and got this box in the recycling. Can I use it?" 

I said ok... A few minutes later he asked me to cut a rectangle in the box and two slits on the side. I was confused at what he was doing but said ok and did it anyways. He left. He came back again asking for tape... Then he told me to come sit and for me and Linc watch his show he made. 

Look at this cute movie he made...

It was all about a kite blowing away...through the forest...up in the sky. And "it kept on blewing and blewing." 

I was so impressed at the little 4 year old. I love his creative little mind at this age. To keep him entertained we have to do crafts everyday. He has really been into "bow and arrowing"(as he calls it) lately. Before I bought him a little toy bow, Koby would make bows and arrows our of Tinker-Toys. So inventive.

He keeps us busy and entertained.

Linc learned a new skill lately...

My house constantly smells like "Clean Linen". It is nice because it makes our house smell like I am always on top of the laundry; however, we have gone through a few bottles of air freshener in less than a week. Not cool Linc! But he sure has the innocent look down. Who can get too mad at that face?

Linc has been talking a lot. However, only when he feels like it. He also started to say his name a while ago... He calls himself "Winky". It's pretty funny. Especially in his deep voice.

Our garden was quite a success this year! With one tiny exception....our poor carrots. Oh well, I sure learned to follow the directions for next year.

James has eaten more tomatoes than he could count in the last month. I taught myself how to make and can salsa. I canned one batch by myself and Em came over to do a second batch with me. It was hard work, but man is it delicious! I think I will have to do it every year now.

Our eyes were watering and our throats were tingling. Dang onions and jalapenos!

Now that it's October, Koby has begun the countdown to Halloween. We've been playing a lot of dress-up lately...

September turned cold, fast.  Last week, the mountains were topped with snow. And the other day there were snow flurries in the valley!  Crazy. We are enjoying our last days outside. 

Check out this tarantula we saw on our jog a few weeks ago. I sure am going to miss our family walks and runs. I guess it is officially treadmill season...Working out in the Winter just isn't as fun as working out in the Summertime! 

At least I have my "personal trainers" to keep me in shape this Winter. Koby is especially good at yelling, "No resting mom! Keep going!"

And our last picture for September...

The other night we got to Skype Grandma and Grandpa DeFreese...

I'm so grateful we have modern technology so that Grandpa can tease poor Linc with an unattainable sucker, haha :)


Nate and Chelsea Peck said...

Your boys are so cute and funny. It's fun to watch their little developing personalities. I'm glad you're still updating your blog! We're pretty much the only ones left!

rjd said...

Linc and I were having fun sharing a virtual sucker. Bring some of that yummy looking salsa at Christmas. He great update. Cuties all of you ;)