Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Our little man turned 3 on Sunday! I can't believe we haven't really had a good night's sleep in 3 years! Koby brings so much to our family. It's an adventure being his parent and we are grateful to have him.

Since it is winter, and James refuses to ride his motorcycle in the freezing cold or with one arm;) he takes the car each day. Which means we are usually stuck at home-just me and the boys. I thought it'd be fun to have all Koby's friends over and throw him a little party this year.

Koby asks for popcorn everyday. So I thought why not do a drive-in movie. I saw the idea online and have been wanting to do it with my nephews. I spent way too long making some cardboard cars, but they turned out kinda cute and proved to be excellent for keeping the popcorn and candy mess off the carpet!

The kids sat, ate, and watched the movie for about 20-25 minutes...which is honestly longer than I expected. Then they played, and played, and played! Koby had a blast! He is a very social kid. He needs more play dates.

Young Love...Koby and Anna at the Drive-In
Sunday was Koby's actual birthday. Dave, Lisa, Em, and Shane came over to celebrate, along with our sweet friends Cole and Amy who came bearing cupcakes (which were a hit with Koby:).

Thanks to Aunt Lisa for a great picture!

Koby loved getting all the attention and hanging out with the adults. They really made his birthday special. We have been making cupcakes out of play doh and having nerf gun fights all week now...thanks to some great Aunts and Uncles!

Koby is so lucky to have such sweet friends nearby who love him.


Lauren Hansen Clifford said...

Younger like the most creative person ever!! I love your ideas! Those hamburger cupcakes are amazing, and the drive-in movie...WOW!! Love it! Your family is so cute!

Lauren Hansen Clifford said...

Sorry meant you are, not younger haha.

Paige said...

That is so adorable! Great job :) Glad he had a good birthday. I might totally steal your idea, btw....

James and Megan said...

Thanks! I saw it online though so I can't take all the credit:)

Aaron and Devon said...

Love the party idea...I'm totally going to remember that one. We should hang out soon.

Bre And Drew said...

your cars turned out so cute! That's funny that they only watched the movie for 20 minutes. After making those cute cars I'd be tempted to make them stay in them the whole time rather than just letting them have fun. You're such a cute mom.