Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today at lunch...

Koby and I had a long conversation. This kid is so fun to talk with and he is the smartest little barely 3 year old I know. I am so glad he talks like crazy. I wish I could blog it all-he surprises us with everything he knows all the time. I never want to forget what he was like at this age.

Koby: "Mom, are you a princess?"
Me: "What do you think, am I a princess?"
K: "No, you're just a mom."
M: "What is a princess?"
K: "Her just sings and dances and goes into the houses."
M: "Doesn't mommy sing and dance too?"
K: "Yeah"
M: "Am I a princess then?"
K: "No! Moms are not princesses!"
M: "Why not?"
K: "You don't have long hair and you just live in a house."  (His definition of long hair is Rapunzel length)
M: "Are you a princess?"
K: "No. I'm just Koby Kob. I'm just KBoy."
K: "I can be a doctor and go bowling. I can also be a daddy."
M: "Oh yeah? When you get big?"
K: "Yeah. I'm just medium  right now, but when I get big I can."
M: "What do Doctors do?"
K: "Doctors just fix babies, and kobys, and mommies, and daddies. "
When I'm a doctor I can fix Dad's arm, and Linc's arm, and Linc's head, and his tummy too."
M: "When you are a Doctor and a Daddy are you going to have lots of kids?"
K: "Yeah! I will have lots of friends. You are a mommy friend, Dad is a Daddy friend, and Linc is a Lincoln friend. I'm your friend too mom."
M: "You are my friend. What do friends do?"
K: "We just play... and we give kisses. Can I give you a kiss Mom?"

We also taught Linc to clap during lunch! He can alternate between waving and clapping when you tell him to. He is growing up so fast! He will be 9 months in just 5 days! Eight months was full of accomplishments for Lincoln. He learned to pull himself up to stand, to crawl, to walk with his walker, to climb up to the top of the stairs, to dance, to wave, and now to clap. I am pretty sure he has been observing us telling Koby no for months because if say, "Lincooooln...." he stops, looks at you, and redirects his route. He knows the tone. He has the sweetest little personality and it's coming out more and more.  This next year is going to be a fun one with these two!


rjd said...

This is a great time to be a Princess Mom!:) Cuties all of you!

Nate and Chelsea Peck said...

haha! I love reading the things Koby says. He is a funny kid. Broden says her for she too. :)