Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Little Chunk

Lincoln is one month old. It's hard to believe James and I have been sleep deprived for only a month. It feels like an eternity since we had some good sleep. I am excited though...last night Lincoln slept 4 straight hours and then 3 straight hours, then another 3. It was nice. It would have been nicer if Koby hadn't woken up twice, screaming from nightmares.

Lincoln still sleeps a ton and he is growing like crazy. In the last four weeks he has gained 3+ pounds. He is now a whopping 11+ lbs. He moved into 3 month clothes at just 3 weeks. Crazy how fast they grow. He is a sweet baby and we are loving him more each day.

Today, Koby and I were working out to a Jillian DVD. The girls on the video wear sports bras to work out so their midriffs are exposed. Part way through his leg kicks Koby pulls up his shirt and holds it like the girls. He used one hand to hold his shirt up and one hand to do his exercises for the next few minutes. It made me laugh. Kids are really observant.

It's crazy how much he has changed and matured in just the last month. The nursery ladies at church say that he just talks their ears off each week. He has always been a talker, but he is starting to use some common phrases, like "I have an idea".  He is a little narrator which is a pain at church. Last week, James went to the bathroom and Koby very loudly exclaimed, "Daddy went to go pee in the biiiiig boy potty!" Needless to say we sit in the very back row each week.

The kid does not forget either. Which means no bribing him with something for later unless you plan on following through! Koby has gotten a lot more independent since Lincoln arrived. I fell asleep on the couch this morning and Koby got his own cereal and bowl out. He had me pour it, but that was it. Then I woke up to find him going outside to play in his sandbox, STILL in his PJ's and soggy diaper. I felt like a bad mom. A very tired, bad mom.

I always looked twice at people who's kids were sloppily dressed with uncombed hair and koolaid mustaches. As koby played at the park the other day in 85 degree weather and rain boots, I realized I have misjudged parents before:)


Here is photos of Koby and Lincoln as babies...it's kinda fun to compare.
They look like brothers, but different from each other, in my opinion.




Brittany said...

cute, cute boys! you are such a good mom.

Aaron and Devon said...

They do look alike, not totally the same, but brothers for sure.

The Way I See It said...

Darling boys. You are a fantastic Mom! I hope you get some sleep soon.