Saturday, June 4, 2011


Today was the first day Koby has not slapped Lincoln on the face! Yay! I consider that a good day.

Life has been rough for Koby. Since Lincoln arrived and stolen his thunder, he has begun to act out more. He has begun to throw bark at kids in the park. I-yi-yi. He has definitely tried my patience this week, but it is already getting better. Koby went from beating him one day to completely ignoring him the next. Now, however, he helps put his Binky in his mouth and wants to hold him.

I don't know how this little baby has survived Koby thus far, but he has! Lincoln is the easiest, sweetest baby.   I hope the two of them bond soon.

No one warned me about how hard it would be, emotionally, on a mother having 2 kids. You think I was a little sensitive when I was pregnant? Well, check me out now. Haha. I had a really hard time splitting my attention between the two without feeling guilty that I was not with the other one. BUT since Koby has gotten better so have I:)  Life is not a breeze yet, but we are progressing!

And let me tell you life not being pregnant is amazing! You forget what it feels like to bend over, paint your toes comfortably, sleep on your stomach, exercise, etc.- all without a baby attached to you (on the inside). It's great! The recovery has almost been too easy. I am back to exercising already and it feels good!

Last night was my first night with 2 kids and without James home. We survived! I think we are going to make it:)

Oh and James' Run For Innocence t-shirts are here and they look really good! He's pretty excited.


rjd said...

What a Good Mom you are. Somehow we all survive.

Stephanie said...

Don't worry I know my new baby is going to get a beating from Brighton. While we were in Utah he hit Chelsea's baby every time he saw him, then I went to see my friend Camille's brand new baby and Brighton slapped him right in the face. Let me know your secret when Koby stops. Lincoln is super cute, he looks similar but very different from Koby.

Anonymous said...

Ah the joys, right? I think i was lucky because Clayton was so happy to see Aubrey. He wanted to hold her all the time and only wanted to help. Aubrey though, I'm sure whenever we have our next kid will do what Koby is doing to Lincoln. Good luck and I hope it keeps going good!

PECK said...

ah crap, what did I get myself into?! haha that is totally going to be us in a few more weeks...and i have already thought that I am going to feel guilty about splitting my time... I know I'll feel the same way. I hope it gets better and easier. Keep us updated... :)

The Way I See It said...

Hang in there. You will survive. Motherhood truly is THE hardest, yet the most rewarding title anyone could ever hold. You're a wonderful mother to those beautiful children. I love the t-shirts too.

Malerie said...

oh no! Sorry. Two kids was REALLY rough on us. We would laugh that our toddler was WAY harder than the newborn! Hang in there. It just gets easier and easier.