Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Yesterday with the help of the guys are Mango Films, my cousin Janelle, her neighbors and all their kids, we were able to start shooting a promotional video for Run for Innocence.  It was a blast.  We played at the park for about an hour while the guys got the footage they needed, and then we went down to a quiet street a few blocks away to shoot a screen with all the kids running.  The kids did great and I had a fun time running and playing with Koby. 

After all the kids left, Koby and I stuck around while the guys got a few more shots.  It was fun just sitting on the grass and talking with him.  I love having two kids, and Lincoln is great, but it was nice to spend some one-on-one time with Koby.  He is crazy, full of energy, and will drive me to exhaustion on most days, but he is a great kid.  I love my boys!

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Rachel DeFreese said...

I love that picture! Totally looks like Meg...