Sunday, May 6, 2012

It's May!

Holy cow it's May. Our life has been crazy lately. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually miss the days when James and I were in college. All we had going on was our part time jobs, homework, and spending every minute together. I remember I used to call him and ask him to get off work early and hang out with me....his usual time to get off was 4:30 and that was just too late- haha. It's Saturday night. James is in Tennessee working. Kids are in bed. I finally have a moment to myself and I am lonely. After 5 1/2 years I still want to spend every minute with him. I would not be a very good military wife.

I guess I will wait to post this until Monday, since I told everyone James is out of town. Don't worry about us though...I moved our bullets into my underwear drawer and our trusty 22 is under my bed and I know how to use it-Thanks Dad:)

So much has been going on lately. First off, James accepted another job offer. He is sad (understatement) to be leaving O.C. Tanner and all of his wonderful co-workers, but we are excited for another adventure. His new job is with Goldman Sachs. It's a good move for us and came at the right time. The only downfall is James' work hours will be increasing by a good 15 hrs. a week. It's ok though. We are grateful!

I have been utilizing our unfinished basement the last couple weeks as my own little gym. I started personal training again. Just one person, a friend. It feels good to get back in the swing of things and put my good college education to use. It's fun. I am so glad I chose the right major for me- I love personal training. Now I better be a good example...put the cinnamon gummy bears down and lose my last few pounds of baby weight.

I'm turning 25 this week! Life is moving by too fast. I still get asked if I am a teenager on a weekly basis. I guess My boys haven't aged me as much as I thought:) They are keeping us busy though. Koby has a new love. Thanks to the show Wipeout we now get to do pretend obstacle courses everyday. He is very imaginative. He makes courses out of Legos and Tinkertoys. When he is not playing Wipeout, he is outside playing. I often see two little nude cheeks running around because 30 seconds to put on his pants after he has used the restroom is just too much time to waste inside. Don't worry I always catch him quickly:)

Koby is also working on writing his name. He is getting better each day...

Linc is 11 months. He is a mover. He walks everywhere now. I now understand why they call them toddlers. Lincoln walks everywhere with his hands up in the air. I think it's how he balances. He definitely toddles when he walks. It's pretty cute. He can always be found walking around with a car in his hand.

Life is still good!


rjd said...

Love it.....

Danny and Tarin said...

Megan! Do you even remember me from the 3 weeks were roommates? Ha ha. I maybe still blog stalk you through Ashley (Mortensen) Stevenson. I just had to comment to ask where at Goldman James is working. Danny has been there for 2 years now, and was curious what department he will be in.

Your boys are adorable!

Tarin (Preece) Wariner

James said...

I am going to be in operations in the GSEC department.

Bre And Drew said...

Congrats on the new job! Your boys are so cute, I love reading your blog!