Sunday, May 13, 2012

I feel loved

Wednesday ways my 25th Birthday. Birthdays aren't a big deal to me, but this year it was not only an especially special day, but also an especially special week. Therefore, I think I now love birthdays.

It started Sunday. Shane and Em had me and the boys over for the evening (James was still in Tennessee so he couldn't come). They spoiled us. We had a delicious dinner and some amazing strawberry shortcake.

Lincoln spent the evening admiring Shane's deer. Koby enjoyed playing a new version of Blokus with Uncle Shane.

Then we went to the park for some good old fun play time. What 11 month old do you know that walks all the way up the stairs and goes down the 20 foot slides? Lincoln sure does!

It was a great evening and I really appreciate it breaking up my long weekend without James.

Then came Tuesday. I told James I really wanted our traditional, tasty Oreo Cheesecake for my birthday. I planned on making it. Well, Tuesday night I came home from Youth group to a handsome chef in my kitchen...making me that Oreo Cheesecake. I kept trying to help and he kept shooing me out of the kitchen. He made a delicious Oreo Cheesecake FROM SCRATCH, all buy himself. What a man!

Then came Wednesday.

James asked me what I wanted for my birthday...I told him the following two things:
1.  Text me every 30 minutes throughout the day
2.  Be my Velcro for the night:)

Guess what?! He did just that. James successfully texted me every 30 minutes (minus the 2 hours he was in a meeting)...It may be weird, but I think that made my day greeeeat.

I did a little personal training in the morning. If you want a happy day, exercise is the best way to start! Then we went to my friend Dani's house for lunch.

After lunch, the boys and I ventured out. Then the Young Women came and heart-attacked my door. They also left my favorite...chocolate covered cinnamon gummy bears:)

This heart was so cute! Just call me Megan "Honey-ton"...

James came home, we headed out and grabbed some Subway (Thanks Dani!) to enjoy at the park. We always have fun at the park...

Next we headed home for a little cheesecake with some of our favorite friends..

James did an excellent job-the cheesecake was delicious! We also had a great group for a little Loaded Questions. It was a fun night. Maybe a little too fun, James and Shane crashed on the couch within seconds...

I really appreciated all of the texts, calls, and Facebook messages from family and friends. I think I need to be better at wishing people a happy birthday because I got many happy birthday wishes and they made me feel really loved:)

but wait that's not all...

My week got even better.  Thursday...James let me get some new workout shoes! I have had my old tennis shoes since Koby was a month old! It was time.

These shoes are awesome. They are breezy and bendy-two things which definitely make me run faster and jump higher. My good friend Amy hooked me up with a couple of her Insanity DVDs to use. James and I will definitely need to get all the DVDs and take "the insanity challenge". Koby happened to be taking pictures around the house and snapped this one of his sweaty, sweaty mom after testing out the Insanity workout. This is the look of both true exhaustion and true love...

Friday my friend Natalie took us to the park and then we shared ice cream cones on our porch with some close neighbor friends. Koby and Lincoln shared a good 10 minutes of peace with was a beautiful gift:)

Friday night we got the kids to bed and headed out for a date! I think it was our first time out in like a year? Maybe? It was so much fun! The Smiths, the Finch's, Lisa, James, and I went to Dave's last Sports Comedy show. It was funny! And it felt so good to be out! I am grateful to be in Young Women's and have lots of sweet babysitters on hand.

Today is Sunday, Mother's Day, and what do ya know...I'm spoiled some more.

Thank you everyone!!


Kendra said...

I bought insanity and p90x from craigslist for 50 bucks each. They were brand new still wrapped in the plastic with all the paperwork! Look there if you are wanting to invest in them...just make sure you are not buying copied ones!!

rjd said...

Wow that should hold you another year....hahahaha

Chelsea said...

Happy Birthday! My 25th is Thurs, and I also love having it around Mother's Day bc you get extra spoiled! Yay!