Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Birthday to Linc!

Linc turned one yesterday! I can't even remember what life was like without our little Lincypoo. Lincoln is the sweetest little guy. Even though he is very attached to his parents (especially mom), Linc is also very independent. He really likes to play by himself. He likes to figure things out on his own and doesn't really care to be showed how to do something. He likes to put guys in and out of cars and roll them around all day long. Lincoln loves dogs, bikes, cars, bath time, the park, and the movie Tangled-he can sit and watch it forever (See Below...)

Lincoln doesn't like crowds or group gatherings. He is a mellow kid. Linc is very calm and snuggly. His voice is deep and raspy and he has the cutest little laugh:) Because he is a younger brother, he is one tough kid. He still loves Koby and Koby loves him.

We tried to make yesterday a fun day for the little guy. The weather was stormy so instead of doing something outdoorsy, like the zoo or the park, we decided to go swimming indoor at the Legacy Center. Our friends, Dave and Heidi and their little Riley came too. The kids loved the water.

Something about swimming must tucker kids out because when we got in the car both kids were out within minutes...

The Munion's and the Ackerman's came over to help us celebrate Linc's special day.

Lincoln of course decided, just in the last couple days, he is too old for two naps. The poor little thing is still adjusting to switching over. That combined with the fact that he fell asleep too early for his nap made for a grumpy little guy. But of course that can be fixed with a little sugar right?

After some delicious dessert he got his second wind. He played all night with his new toys. We are glad his buddy Riley could come play on his special day.

We love you Linc!

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rjd said...

Happy Birthday to you Linc! Wish we could of been there. Love you bunches....Grampa and Gramma D