Monday, April 16, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Last Thursday we had the chance to go to the wedding of our close friends, Amy and Cole Smith. The wedding was beautiful! It was at a green house- Le Jardin. The ceremony was beautiful too and Cole's vows just about made me cry:)

I am sad though, the one picture I was able to take of the bride and groom turned out blurry and Cole's facial expression was kinda scary. BUT you can see how gorgeous Amy looked...

The reception was so much fun. I am pretty sure their entire family got out on the dance floor. It was awesome! Emily and Koby danced the night away. At one point, a circle was formed and people took turns bustin' a move in the middle. Koby wanted so badly to take a turn too. When he did, the crowd started chanting, "Go Koby, Go Koby!" ...and who would have known break dancing was on Koby's list of skills. This kid definitely entertains us!

Koby stole a dance with the bride
And the groom:)
Here are a couple nice pictures of Amy and Cole:

I don't have many friends so I am glad Cole married a really good one for me!

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