Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love these conversations....

K:  "Hey look mom there's a crane!"
M: "Yeah! What does a crane do?"
K:  "It just lifts people up into the sky. Heavenly Father lives up in the sky!"
M:  "He does!"
K: "When I get big I'm gonna go up in heaven to visit him!"
M:  "Oh yeah? What are you going to do up in Heaven?"
K:  "I'm gonna play with the faces?"
M:  "You mean all the people up in heaven?"
K:  "Yeah. All the faces that live up there."
M: "You know mommy's Grandpa DeFreese lives up in Heaven too. He lives up with Heavenly Father."
K:   "I'm going to bring up all my toys and play with Grandpa DeFreese too! That would be really fun mom!"

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rjd said...

So Cool. Sure glad you are remembering these little conversations.....:)