Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Improvement

It's a good thing we've been addicted to homemade Cinnabons and cream cheese frosting the last couple weeks...because I worked my butt off , but was quickly able to eat it right back on again. 

James is useless in the yard this Spring because of his dang shoulders. So it was up to me to fix up our yard this year. Our house was a HUD home and the yard was UGLY so it's been tough work, but it's looking much better now. The grass still needs a lot of love...we are working on it.

Shane and James got tickets to the priesthood session last Saturday and headed up to Salt Lake so Em and I decided to take on another little project while the boys were away. We made little flower boxes. Shane's grandpa owned an orchard so they have access to cool crates and they were kind enough to share them. Em planted a herb box too. She is so self reliant ;)

I got bored the other week and switched the boys' bedrooms around. Lincoln is a light sleeper and the neighbor's dog woke him up from naps occasionally. Koby however sleeps like a rock (most of the time)...so he got the room next to the neighbor's. It's so fun to rearrange. One day I hope we will have a living room big enough to switch around as I please.

I love Hobby Lobby. These letters were like 3 bucks each. So much cheaper (and way cuter) than what I could make.

Oh and we painted our living room again. It's dark brown. I love it.

The "Before"...(How will they possibly fit a couch/TV in their, right?)
Also, I don't think I ever posted our bedroom. We painted over the ugly purplish brown. It is now a beautiful, warm gray. I love it. Hopefully we won't need to paint again for a long, long time. Painting sucks!

Here are some "before" pictures of our yard...

And here are the "Thus Far" pictures...

I went a little Bark happy with our trees too. I just hate weeding!

I still need to do the middle part by the AC thing.
I am grateful to live in a house and to not live below the single's ward anymore! We are so blessed.

*oh and James did an excellent job of making sure Linc didn't eat too much dirt while I worked. He isn't completely useless....he was very helpful:)


Rachel DeFreese said...

Looks so good! Can't wait to see it in person!

rjd said...

Looks like a wonderful home. You're doing great with your first house