Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I guess it's worth it...

Although it was a fun weekend with family in town and I know Koby and Lincoln had fun seeing their grandma, grandpa, and aunts, it was tough for us parents having the kids hopped up on sugar and them not getting enough sleep.  We enjoyed a few breakdowns the past few days.

Last night Koby really didn't want to go to bed.  Finally after several books, going to the bathroom a couple times, three drinks, and a few songs, we got Koby to calm down and go to sleep.  As we left his room Koby yelled, "Dad!  I had fun playing with you today!  See you tomorrow!"  I guess I can endure the occasional tantrums for a comment like that :)

Anyway, here are a few more pictures from recent happenings that we haven't had a chance to blog yet.

Lincoln hanging out at one of his favorite spots... the TV stand.
Megan is allergic to cat and dog hair, so most likely we are never going to have a pet.  However, Koby has recently found a new friend down the street to play catch with.  He is quite a good baby sitter too.  Koby will play catch with him for hours.

Koby wears the gardening glove so his hand won't get gross.  The dog will run up to the fence with the ball, but will only drop it if Koby tell him too.  It's pretty cute.

Last month was also my grand parents 50th anniversary.  Here are a couple pictures from the party:

Koby was playing in the basement with the other kids while Megan, Lincoln, and I were still upstair.  He came up and tapped me on the leg.  I turned around and he said, "Dad, am I a princess now?!"  I just shook my head and made him watch ESPN with me when we got home :)
With the weather so nice lately, we have been able to play outside a lot more.  Koby and Lincoln love playing with our neighbors Kloe and Max, they are the nicest little kids.

Linc likes to look at our neighbor's dogs.  He got away from us after a diaper change that day and our neighbors got a little show.

Nothing cooler than shin guards, high socks, and no pants!
Well, I guess this blog has gone on long enough.  Until next time... peace!

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