Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tis the season (Part 3)

One tradition that we have made when we go to the DeFreese house for Christmas is going shooting.  Randy busts out his 22's, shotguns, etc. for all of us to enjoy.  Sadly Megan couldn't make it out this year because she had to stay behind with the kids.  I am glad that she let me go though, because it was a ton of fun.  This year we actually got to go up to the same spot the family took me when Megan and I were still dating.  It was pretty cool.  I had never shot a gun before meeting the DeFreese's, but now I can't get enough of it!

Rachel and Sean we rockin' the "His and Her" rifles they got as a wedding gift.

After shooting 22's, we went nuts on the shotguns.  There were two to three clay pigeons flying at a time, non-stop!

This year, in addition to shooting guns, Randy took us (Sean, Emily, Shane, Megan, and me) out to do some archery.  Another first for me.  It was a blast and this time Megan got to come too!  We ran around the forest shooting at animal targets while Megan sang "Robin Hood and Little John Running Through the Forest."

We all had a good time.  I ended up getting a giant welt on me left arm because I didn't know you were supposed to slightly bend your elbow when shooting... smart me couldn't figure that out on my own.  In spite of the welt, it was a lot of fun!  Plus, I had the mental image of us all running around in loin cloths the entire time (Megan kept saying that she felt like an Indian and would prance around).

I hope we do it again :)


rjd said...

And James you are a natural with the Guns as well as the Arrows. These are activities I look forward to when the Family visits.
Can't wait til the third generation joins us....:)

James said...

Thank you! Just following your instructions :)

Rachel DeFreese said...

Seriously love the collage of pictures where all the guns are pointed at the opposing picture!